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Japanese Video-Care To Explain This??


Combat Ki- The art of getting the shit knocked out of you and LIKING it.

I know a little bit of japanese (VERY little) but I got the jist of the program. If someone else (who does know japanese) could help with some more background that’d be great.

But I’m sure you’ll get the idea from the visual.

They had they guy who invented K-1 on their panel along with Genki Sudo, a seriously BADASS mma fighter.

He’s notorious for his spinning pimp slap (backhand) and while he actually does have a really tight well developed standup game, he likes to toy with opponent and looks like he trains his kickboxing on a Dance Dance Revolution Simulator or something.

Just check out the vid. It’s a valid reason to buy a handgun haha.

Though i would have liked Sudo to have faked to the throat and knee’d the guy in the balls THEN see what he would do.

I don’t know jack shit about speaking Japanese, combat ki, getting punched in the throat or any of that shit.

What I do know is this…those Japanese babes are fuckin boner-rific!

On what Xen Nova wrote:

thats insane, i want to learn how to take hits like…

omg, they’d never be able to bring me down in football

Even though that guy may have not felt the pain when he got kicked in the balls (x3), I sure did.

i cant play this link.

might be my comp.

i saw genki sudo figh in london for ufc against a leigh remidios, I good all round fighter and he made him look ordinary to say the least. the guy has so much talent.