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Japanese Obstacle Course


Second guy HAS to be a gymnast or something, amazing strength and athletisism.

These obstacle courses look awesome, I love these gameshows…

I wish I had an o-course like that!!!

This stuff was on G4 the other day. I think it’s called the Super Ninja Games or something like that. Pretty impressive stuff. Need a pretty serious back to do any of that shit.

That was pretty damn impressive, some serious forearm strength there, and talk about muscle endurance, geej.

It’s actually called Ninja Warrior. There are 4 stages… when I saw it there were a few differences in the courses but they look about 90% the same. When I saw it, they started off with 100 competitors and only 7 made it to stage 2. Then 6 made it to stage 3 and then none of them made it to stage 4.

They do use some Olympians. For example, they used the American twins who were on the Olympic Gymnastics team. The Haan brothers or something like that. Then they throw in a few comic relief characters to keep the show interesting.

All in all a great show and puts the American Gladiator’s Eliminator to shame.

Obviously a very athletic person. All I can say is that I wish I had an intense Japanese narrator commenting during my lifting sessions. That would be awesome.



I got to see the episode where the 2nd guy(only 2 have done it)beat the 4th stage,i like watching it

Did you see that shit he was spraying onto his hands? It’s pretty obvious he’s on the juice.

what is the spray? some kind of spray chalk stuff?

my grip would have given way unless i could do each one of those with like 2 day breaks

the guy was so happy when he won… definitely an accomplishment worth noting.

Wow - unbelievably cool.

I’ve seen some of those Japanese game show clips but nothing like that.

I wonder who that dude is and what his background is? Probably Martial Arts or, as you said, Gymnastics.

Amazing display… I hope he won a shitload of money for doing all that. That tower climb at the end must have been at least 10 stories…

Unreal. : )

[quote]SkyNett wrote:
Wow - unbelievably cool.

I wonder who that dude is and what his background is? Probably Martial Arts or, as you said, Gymnastics.

Unreal. : )[/quote]

Makoto Nagano is actually a fisherman, he’s on his boat training for these events most of the year. They hold the contest (Sasuke or Ninja Warrior) several times a year, and he’s been in all of them that I’ve seen, but that’s the first time I’ve seen him make it all the way through, I think he was only the second one ever. (Or so far) That course is brutal!