Japanese Midget Submarine found off Pearl Harbor

(Quoted from AP article on Yahoo.com) –

Japanese historian says submarine find proves US started war
Thu Aug 29, 2:22 PM ET
By NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON, Associated Press Writer

TOKYO - A government historian said Thursday that the finding of a Japanese midget submarine sunk just before the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor was evidence that the United States, not Japan, started the war between the two nations.

“The finding provides evidence that it was the Americans who made the first shot, which means the war had already started even before Japan’s air attack on Pearl Harbor,” said Takehiko Shibata, a historian at the Defense Agency’s research institute. “It’s been our understanding of how World War II started. Now we have the proof.”

The 78-foot (24-meter) submarine was stumbled upon a few kilometers (miles) from Pearl Harbor by researchers conducting training dives. The find proves assertions that the United States fired first against Japan in World War II and inflicted the first casualties.

The sub was sunk by a U.S. Navy ( news - web sites) destroyer on Dec. 7, 1941. The remains of two Japanese crewmen are believed to be still inside the vessel.

Another historian, Yoshiaki Yoshimi, at Tokyo’s Chuo University, said the finding offered little to revisionist historians.

“The fact that the sub was found where it was proves that Japan was preparing for the surprise attack,” Yoshimi said.

Government officials could not be contacted late Thursday.

Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor is a sensitive subject here with many feeling guilty of their country’s role in the war. Many Japanese prefer not to discuss the issue.

On the date of the attack’s 60th anniversary, last December, there was little debate about it. There were no big ceremonies and top political officials failed to attend a commemoration in Hawaii.

Reports of the discovery even failed to interest local media with none of the major newspapers carrying the news in their Friday early morning editions. However, among the Japanese Midget community, protests demanding reparations ensued. Takashi Minimi, regional head of the Japanese and American Midget Organization for National and International Toleration (JAMONIT), issued a press release demanding a renewed investigation into the use of midgets as first-strike operatives by the Japanese government during the early phases of the war, and the specific investigation and arrests of American and Japanese-American midgets who were eventually sent to inhumanely small internment camps between the years 1942-1945.

"This is clear and conclusive evidence of a deliberate conspiracy to denigrate people of low-angle perspective," states Mr. Minimi. "We are also currently investigating if the term SUB-marine was also generated initially to slander those of us not belonging to the altitudally excessive majority who still dominate Japanese and American politics."

Quite a story, eh? I have to laugh, though, at the third paragraph...allow me to re-quote: "The 78-foot (24-meter) submarine was stumbled upon a few kilometers (miles) from Pearl Harbor by researchers conducting training dives." Yes, just in case the American readers don't know what the hell a kilometer is, the author was kind enough to give us a parenthetical translation.

It was neither the Japanese nor the Americans that started WWII. It was the man on the grassy knoll.

There were actually five of those subs, three of which were found previously and one of which is still missing. The one that’s missing is also missing its torpedos (unlike the one that was just found). I would say that having five sneak subs around Pearl Harbor, at least one of which discharged its torpedos at American ships, constitues an act of war.

Still, you’ve got to like the guy’s name. “Mini-me”, indeed.

i cant tell if this is a joke or if its real. the guys name cant really be minimi. no way. that would be too easy.

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