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Japanese 'Konyaku' and Carbs?


ive just been to japan, and got introduced to 'konyaku'

its a grey colour with black tiny black spots and have the texture of noodles\pasta when in pasta form and taste like tasteless really firm jelly in block form

i got told that it comes from a vegetable and acts like a complex carb.

I saw it in a weight loss cup noodle,

im currently in a fat loss, low carb diet,

can any experts confirm that i can eat konyaku by the bucket load and still get shreded???


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Konnyaku is a yam-like plant composed almost entirely of water (97%) and a soluble fiber called glucomannan. Hence it has effectively 0 calories, eat as much as you want.

When sold in noodle form it is often called 'Shirataki Noodles'






Konnyaku (Devil's Root) is marketed as zero calorie, zero carb in Japan. It can be pretty tasty...Konnyaku balls boiled in soy sauce/dashi, put on a skewer and covered in hot mustard = win




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