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Japanese K1 Super Heavy Weight

I used to like professional boxing and was never really one of those mixed martial arts, wrestling fans until I saw the Super Heavy Weight K1 Final in Japan.


Amazing fight, these guys are super built and super tough. I actually thought Sefo, the shorter guy might win.

Cover up his face and it looked like Sylvia.

Same movement and strikes…weird.

Tim Sylvia does not compare to Semmy in any way in terms of striking.

Amazing that Sefo dropped from a jab. Watch Sefo v Hunt.

K-1 is interesting in its competitiveness. Everybody, even those at the top, have several losses to the other big names. The best have losses to “freakshow” fighters. Very competitive, making it a blast to watch live, which is near impossible for the vast majority of us.

Check out videos of Le Banner, Hoost, Hug, Crocop, Zambidis, Buakaw, etc. I guarantee you’ll enjoy them, and sometimes you’ll be surprised at the results.

Yeah Sylvia isn’t the striker that Semmy is. Semmy is aggressive and relentless. He isn’t fun to watch though. Jab(a real jab, not that pawing Sylvia jab), front kick, jab, front kick, right hand, clinch, knee, repeat. He is seven feet tall so he can do that against many of his opponents.
Sefo is known for his chin and he got knocked out by a Semmy jab. A shotgun of a jab.
They created a Super Heavyweight division this year because of Semmy’s dominance. They also created a -100kg class which should have some good match-ups. They are also thinking of introducing a -60kg class and -85kg class in addition to the -70kg class. guys like Tyrone Spong and Manhoef are rumored to fight in the -85kg class.
The Max division is great(-70kg). If you want to see great striking skills look up Buakaw(he has alot of stuff on youtube). Great Muay Thai skills plus power. Old Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts, LeBanner, Ray Sefo, Sam Greco clips also. Other guys I reccomend looking up:Rob Kaman, Ramon Dekkers, Yodsenklai, Johmod. If you mainly watch mma, K-1 is a good to watch(for starters) to get an idea of great striking.

[quote]treco wrote:
Cover up his face and it looked like Sylvia.

Same movement and strikes…weird.[/quote]

Comparing Semmy Schilt’s stand up to Sylvia makes baby jesus cry.

Here’s a few other great K-1 fights that you’ll probably like:

From the same card, FOTY so far, Ruslan Karaev vs Hari II:


Ray Sefo vs Mark Hunt. Personal favorite:


Hunt vs Lebanner II. All 4 of their fights are among the best stand up wars ever. The third is incredible just to see how fucking tough Mark Hunt is, his bones are made out of steel and his skin is like leather.