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Japanese Juice

I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about the availability of steroids in Japan. I have done what I feel is fairly extensive research of both English and Japanese language sites and have come up empty. It also seems to be hard to find any specific information regarding Japanese Customs (i.e. importation laws) in either language.

If anyone has any actual, reputable information (NO conjecture, please) would you be so kind as to pass it on to me?

I am particularly interested in the possibility of importing something from a European distributor, but I’m not interested in ending up in jail or being deported because of it.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but if you are out there, I sure would appreciate some help. Thanks.

From what I know it’s not a good idea to mess with juice in Japan. (very strict laws) Why not fly to Thailand and stay there for a four/five weeks.
It would be cheap and legal.