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Japanese Gear Experiences?


Do any of you lady killers have any experience with Japanese gear? Not necessarily asking for supplier referrals, just experiences with Japanese gear. Or anybody who has imported gear into Japan previously. How did you do it? I'm currently familiarizing myself with Japanese drug laws concerning AAS. Doesnt seem to be illegal, but im concerned with getting them through customs, still. Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, with mass and strength gains being the primary goal when using gear, can i expect this Asian gear to increase my mathematical abilities as well? If so, by how much? Also, if anyone has any information about Asian gear negatively effecting your abilities as a driver while on cycle or post-cycle, that would be appreciated.


That depends on how legit your gear is. To understand the true power of real Asian gear, you have to watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with this insider info in mind from a very credible source named Wong: There were NO WIRES used at anytime during the filming process.

Unfortunately, I am currently unable to contact him to verify this as he has moved back to China. I have tried contacting him by phone, but there are so many Wings and Wongs there, everytime you Wing, you get the Wong number.