I’m doing a seminar on Japan and i’m wondering if anyone could help me with some information. I just need to know a bit about their culture, and some of their big companys. Also what they trade with Australia. your help would be greatly appreciated!.

Well, let’s see. They usually have black hair, and are a bit shorter than your average Aussie. They’re better at math and science, not as good with the “softer” sciences. Tend to stick together in groups rather than strike out on their own…

Dude, I’d like to help out but that’s a pretty big question you’ve got there. If you have something a little more specific, I’ll see if I can answer it for you.

In the meantime, try a search for JETRO, which should turn up some good links, MITI, the JET Program, and Monbusho. That should get you started. Also, there’s an Aussie fellow named Jim Breen over at Monash University who’s got a huge webpage (actually, several pages) relating to Japan. Check him out as well, and that should get you started.

Same position as Char Dawg. Ive been here a while( not as long as the Dawg though!!) Be a bit more specific and giving help will be easier.

They have some nasty nasty fetishes when it comes to porn.

This is actually to char and spider - it looks as if I am going to be in Tokyo during the week of July 13 for business. I don’t have my agenda down quite yet, but was wondering if there were any gyms you could recommend (I don’t know if you guys are in Tokyo or elsewhere). Thanks.

Sorry, not in Tokyo. But there are a few Gold’s scattered around. Try one of them.

Im well out of the way from Tokyo. Sorry dude. As Char said though Golds is your best bet.

Hey you guys are in Japan? I’m in Korea. Anyone else here?

Don’t forget…everyone in Japan knows Karate too.