Japan and Gear: Anybody Here with Experience?

A bit about me first:
I’ve lived in Japan for 18 years.
Started TRT 10 years ago, but the wrong way:
First, my doctor had me on 5000iu HCG a week. E2 levels outta control and not a good feeling.
Next, I was given 1 shot of Test E twice a month. The rollercoaster was horrible.
Finally got a doctor that was willing to work with me. Unfortunately, insurance will only pay for my test e if I have the injections done in office. The doctor’s office is too far away and as this is a lifetime problem so I decided to get my hands on some Test E and Adex from outside Japan. (Adex is not covered at all under insurance and costs 800USD if I buy it from the doctor. 25USD an amp of test from the doctor). Too much for me…at least right now.

The doctor says that it’s legal for me to bring in my own meds so long as they aren’t the ‘fun’ drugs. I had that somewhat confirmed by the Ministry of Food and Health. Getting Adex is easy. But I always worry when placing an order for my Test as it’s injectable and needles are NOT allowed. I get mine from my doctor which is allowed (Albeit hard to find one willing).

Google keeps bringing me here and to Cortes and his posts. I was hoping that maybe he and/or some vets who live in Japan can chime in with their experiences.

Japanese customs opened 1 package once in all my years, but it was just Adex and it went through without issue.

I called customs in at all major airports (3 in all) that a package could pass through. They all have different degrees of confidence when it comes to the importing of gear. From ‘…if it’s not meth, you’re fine.’ to ‘Mark the package so we can check it and have your doctor fill out form X otherwise it’ll get tossed’

For those that don’t live in Japan, the feelings of unease may seem odd. Unfortunately, commonsense in Japan…not so common. Those that live here will understand, I hope.

Welcome to the club.

Went on TRT a yr or so ago cause hypogonadism.

I feel your pain about needles. I got ragged on here cause people couldn’t grasp the concept that a syringe in Japan is the equivalent to crack cocaine in the states when I wanted to do an oral only cycle.

My doctor is about a 20 minute drive and he allows me to B&C and will prescribe primo, growth, etc. (out of pocket for those, but it’s nominal compared to the states – if you could even get a script). I don’t know if any others closer would… but there are literally clinics everywhere within walking distance in Japan, even in residential neighborhoods. [Fortunately for me, though, I’m retired and it’s no biggie]

With that being said, ask your doc for a referral letter to the closest hospital / clinic. Problem kinda solved.

I’m in the process of finding out if I can get slin syringes for hCG since it’s recommended to be 250iu E3D. If that works, I’ll let you know how. Then, create a stockpile, I suppose. My doc also wanted to do the 5000iu – Japan is far behind in treatment, they’ll give you 25mg methyltestosterone tablets (what you’d get if you ordered bunk dbol) if you asked.

I just saw this. What?..
E-pharma.jp puts 1mg, good enough for 1 week in most cases, at 452 yen ($4). How often are you taking the stuff?? Sounds like your doc is ripping you off if you got govt insurance or you’re taking too much.

Note to mod: e-pharma.jp is a website that lists drugs, information on them ,and their respective price per unit for Japan at full coverage – much like drugs.com, except with an “MSRP”. Adex is 452 Yen, but, if it was prescribed, one would only pay 30% (136 yen if you had breast cancer). It does not sell drugs and is not a source of buying drugs. It’s a great resource for any Expat in Japan to know how much they’re facing to pay at the doctor’s office.

Thanks for the info.

The Adex would not be prescribed as TRT is not an illness for which it can be. I’d have to pay out of pocket and an entire box. I was told that price a few years back.

Currently taking 0.25 grams x2 a week.

This is correct as the only thing prescribed for TRT can be test e (125mg once weekly or 250mg once every two weeks), test prop (25mg and 10mg, but I don’t know exactly how these would be administered due to their quick half lives; surely it would be inconvenient if not at home), methlytestosterone (25mg tablets, I believe 1 daily, but this is highly liver toxic), and hCG (3000, 5000, and 10000 iu - still in the process of getting slin syringes to adminster 250iu E3D).

But you don’t have to pay for an entire box.

Whoever told you that is an idiot. I’m sure you’ve gotten a prescription filled at a pharmacy using a little 1/2 sheet paper given to you by a doctor or receptionist.

Just ensure that little piece of paper says 0.25mg twice weekly for 1 month (8 T should be above it for tablets) and instruct the doctor that you want the pharmacy to cut them. You will receive 8 satchels of individually wrapped 0.25mg adex fourths and your total bill should be no larger than 1000 Yen (just rounding up if taxed or what not).

Good luck, but I honestly think you need to see another doc. A more progressive one. Just until everything is in check and you can then get transferred with the same treatment. I doubt another doctor will argue a treatment referral letter; though, I’ve never tried.

Again, thanks for the info.

My doctor handles all meds at his office. Meds not at his office he has to buy.

The way it was explained (And he could be wrong or times could have changed) but if prescribed, the pharmacy handles the meds. If ‘bought’ (Something that can’t be prescribed but must be bought from the doctor and sold to you) is something the patient has to do with the doctor and then you are paying full price for an entire set/box or however it comes.

I’m gonna visit a local clinic or 2 to see what they aay. It took me forever to find my current 2 docs. 1 willing to work with my TRT (only issue being Adex and not being able to bring test home) and another willing to sell pins with a proper pins disposal box.

I’m in the Kansai area, so hopefully there are a few more ‘progressive’ doctors.

ETA: Did I see HGH on there for 60,000 yen? I’ve got a major aurgery coming up. Was wondering if HGH would help speed along recovery.

Yes, if your doctor is cool with it, you can get HGH for like 30,000-70,000 yen, the more expensive being those twist dosing pens. They’re obviously not covered by insurance.

Any doctor will work with you in Japan. Just be more aggressive. For instance, when I got a hairline fracture on my rib, I saw the doc. He wanted to give me ibuprofen for it… 80mg tablets nonetheless. Being well verse in Japan, knowing opiates are illegal and not prescribed for pain (Vicodin, etc.), I told him I’d rather get a prescription for stronger strength cough syrup as it contains more codeine than the OTC stuff. He was hesitant at first, but I was in pain and pressed the issue. I got a script for cough syrup instead of ibuprofen.

I pretty much had to be assertive in my TRT regime as well. But, I got it.

And FYI, the only other Anabolic you can get in Japan are 5mg Primobolan tabs or 100mg IM.

But, definitely see a new doc. Nobody has made me ever buy directly from them.


Sorry, I’m late to this.

Where are you seeing the 30,000 yen HGH. I can only see it for 70,000. I’d love to bring the info to my doctor and get a proper script for it rather than go UGL

My bad.

I calculated it down based on 70/30 coverage.

No worries. Yeah, I don’t think insurance will cover it. Although I will ask when I go in for my hcg next time.

FYI for anyone who stumbles upon this post: I called customs to ask about having HGH brought into Japan. I said I believed that a family member sent some for skin issues I am having. They said “If it gets stopped by customs, a letter will be sent. Upon receiving the letter I have to provide information from my doctor saying that I’m receiving pins from him/her and being monitored by that doctor as well. If documents can’t be provided the items are returned to shipper or destroyed. But no legal action is taken. Legal action is only ever an issue if it’s illicit drugs. There are a few exceptions such as with opiates or drugs like Ritalin.”

ETA: Documents CAN’T be filled out in advance. The order is you have them sent, they get stopped, you provide relevant information, you get your package.

I just stumbled across this post and wanted to know how you went. Im also looking for a doctor in the Kansai area for HGH with no luck. Thinking of ordering from Thailand but not sure how I will go with customs. Any thoughts?

Doctors won’t prescribe it off label unfortunately. If you bought it in Japan at cost from the doctor it would be a ridiculously amount of 5000 a month (dollars not yet)

HGH is not illegal to order or process. No performance enhancing drug is. However needles are very controlled and you would have to find a doctor willing to sell you some. I just made the case that if I couldn’t get any I’d just reuse my HCG needles. The doc had a panic attack and said he would give sell me needles at cost.

That said, if it gets stopped at customs you aren’t in any trouble. They will send you a letter asking if this medication is going to be administered by a doctor. Your doctor would have to be willing to sign for it. You can’t say you have pins.

I’ve gotten all injectables through. Never too much of a worry. If it does get snapped up by customs I’ll just let them have it and place a new order

Thanks so much for the info, I have been pulling my hair out looking this information up on the net before coming across this post. Does that mean that injectors like genotropin would get stopped for the pins?

I’m not sure. The best thing to do is call the customs office at Kansai airport. Tell them you have a prescription in the states, explain what the injectors look like and how they function. Then they’ll be able to tell you. Most of the time the lists of allowed
and not allowed meds is too long or they don’t have it on their list. See what they say.

If memory serves me right, I believe if they are pre-filled pins then it’s OK. These are subq pins which aren’t in the same category as IM pins. Diabetics need these so they aren’t as controlled

Thats good to hear, I will call customs and check. Do you know how to go about getting a prescription in Japan?

You can only get HGH if your a kid with growth problems. Buying it at cost is the only way of getting it here in Japan

Yes they will, if you find the right doc.

More like $1000, unless covered by insurance (which is highly unlikely as they’d need to test for certain conditions. Of course, this depends on the amount.

As far as gear goes, I get 500mg weekly for about a year now (used to b&c, but 500 is good). My blood work is always on point. The first 250mg shot is covered by insurance and is $7 while the second is not (off label) and is $13. I used to pay $13 (x2) for 200mg IM Primo too, but they discontinued it. They still have 5mg tabs and I just got 300 5mg oral pharmagrade Primo for like $45. This is about a 2 week supply? I take 20 tabs a day. I’ll refill once or twice more before I end this cycle.

You just suck if you’ve been doctor shopping with no luck. If you’re DoD (SOFA) and not a resident like me, that might be the issue.

Then again, I suck cause I can’t find pins to get some real tren so I’m limited to ordering orals to toss on my 500mg cruise (last was dbol). I know areas where I may find them, now, but I don’t really wanna risk going down in a sting purchasing syringes because they’re a controlled item. My doc doesn’t even like giving them to me and ensures all used pins are accounted for; if I “lose” one 2 times, the hospital won’t prescribe for home use anymore – which I don’t mind as I go in as self-injecting the 1st one would move the cost from $7 to $13 because it’s not a “necessity” to do it at home.

But yeah, you can get just about anything here. Testosterone and primo tabs are it, though. About a year ago they discontinued the 25mg methyltest tabs. That was disappointing because they gave me a nice PWO kick.

Want albuterol or even clen? If your doc is cool, grab that too. Want an ECA stack? Best to get the E from the doc (forgot the brand) and C&A on base or ship it.

Thinking about vet shopping next for my “dog” because a little birdie told me that they have the human type (vet grade nandrolone, etc. As example). You’d be amazed at the pull and influence Americans have here. Use it to your advantage and get what you want. It’s your body and this culture respects that, to which I’ve found.

I am a resident but I have been told that I dont need HGH buy a doctor. Are you saying I can just go to any doctor and ask for growth and I should be good?

You could put feelers out. My doc will prescribe it to me, but at full price. I think it was 2 or 4iu daily for $1000/mo. Out of my budget.