January Alberta T-Cell Gathering

Okay, as some of you are aware my girlfriend, brother and myself have moved into a new house.

As a result we feel we should have a house warming party and of course you’re all invited.

The party will be on January 17th here at our new place (PM for address and directions). Everyone is invited even if you’re from another city or out of province.

We’re planning on making this a mid-winter BBQ so be prepared for some grilled dead animal.

Further details will be posted as they arise, please let me know if you intend to come.

Oh, there is also lots of space for anyone who wants to spend the night, as well we’re not adverse to some sort of activity the day of.


Did someone say “dead animal”? I’m in.

It’s funny how the roast beast always brings the t-peeps a runnin’

Oh, and it looks like we may have a guest poser there too :wink: well, he’s a winner of the Mr. Natural Olympia and a friend of mine, although i don’t think I’m going to hit him up to guest pose.


Bumpity bump bump.


I fear that your antics at the inaugural Alberta T-Cell gathering (which for those not in the know doubled for the beautiful E~Pluribus Unum’s Birthday party) where you insisted on running amok and accosting the party goers with a “Hey look at this” intro to your “Dwarf Elephant” routine precedes you. Of course the bit may have been a bit funnier if you had clean underwear on but hindsight is 20/20 eh?

Well that and perhaps if the impersonation wasn’t quite so, um…“Dwarfy”?

Really, had you ceased at the “How many knuckles can Stewie go” nasal fisting event your reputation would have had a fighting chance but…oh well…

Sorry I will not be able to make it, I would love to share some Roast Beast with the fine folks in Ab again. My aborted trip over the holidays was disappointing and I look forward to my next trip back.

Please feed Steele (Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke!) my share of the Beast.

“No one can have a higher opinion of him than I have, and I think he’s a dirty little beast”

~ Sir W. S. Gilbert

The problem Jeff is that you started me off when you went around telling people you’re an amature proctologist and asking to practice. . . Speaking of which do you want your ring back?

It’s a shame you won’t be there, the T-Cell gathering just won’t be the same without your wit, charm, and frighteningly strong body odour.

See you later 'Cake.


Okay, this is a go for January 17th at our new place. Please PM if you intent to attenend so I can give you directions.


Only a week away!

Bumpity Bump Bump.


In make that 2 - and weza bring’n the sparagus-ka


is this in calgary or edmonton???

This one is in Edmonton.

Another bump as the date get’s closer.


STU: Any more details on the party? For instance, this is my first T gathering so I have no clue as what to bring (besides alchohol).

Nobody is required to bring anything. That having been said if people want to bring any sort of food product they’re more than welcome, as well if you want a specific type of alcohol you better bring it yourself since I may not have it.

Again, if you need my address PM me so I can get it to you. Since the date is closing in on us.


Robert, bring a goddamn padlock. Stu has a habit of sleepwalking. Trust me, if you wake up sore, it ain’t the mattress.

Stu, please forgive my absence. Jade and I will see you in a month or two. Save some leftovers.

Hey Steele,
You should organize a T-Cell for Calgayr but have everyone meet at your store right around closing time. Maybe have everyone go to Lindsey/Talisman center or the World Health Gym just down the street.

What do you think?


Hot tears streaming down a sullen face
I’m not going to be able to make it this weekend, guys. (sniffle) I’ve just been informed that I’ll be working. But, please, cry no tears for me. Just eat a lot more than you normally would in my honor.

And HULK, that sounds like a fabulous idea. The list of people that could make something like that is long: CGB, Archaic, E~, 454SS, wing, Schmigelz, yourself, myself, any of the Edmontonians that can make their way down (Sturat, Mud Dog, respective ladies, etc.), and anybody else in the vacinity that I may have missed. ( Relax Cupcake. You’ve always got a special invitation, if you can make it. You know, “Special” invites for “Special” people, hehe)
If anyone is into this sometime, my store is called “Popeye’s”, and is located at 3810 MacLeod Tr. Pop by and see me sometime. (I’m the only guy that works there)

Great idea, Raging!

Ack. I doubt I can make the trip.

Have fun, and be sure to post after the event to fill us in on all the man action!

(hmm…that last sentence didn’t come out right…hmmm…nor did this one…)

Steele, it’s your lucky day. I’m free this weekend so I’ll take care of the store for you. I don’t take any supps, so no worries about me steeling anything. Do you have any beer lying around?

And you’re not coming up here why. . .