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JanTana Fast Tan

Anybody try this product before? It’s a sunless tanner with an added bronzer to take the “guesswork” out of application. I’ve never used a sunless tanner; just their accelerrators (which work well).

Any feedback on how easy the product was to apply, how nice the tan looked, and how long it lasted (I believe they claim 3 days) is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

-Joel Marion

Just bumping this up: I’m interested, too.
If not JanaTana, does anyone else have a favorite sunless tanner?

Although I havent tried this product first hand, I heard it looks fake. The reason is because it gives you an orange tone instead of a more natural golden brown one.

I’ve used Jan Tana’s products for one contest, just to try. It sucked. It was “watery” and streaked. I went back to Pro Tan for the next show.

…that I had used Jan Tana back in 1995. BUT I haven’t since. SInce I have sensitive skin, the only time I use a sunless tanner is for contests. But then, I also use a tanning bed, since I hate slathering tons of the stuff on me and like to cut down on the application by getting a “base” tan. EEEUUWWWW. :wink: Patricia

If noone else responds to this one, I’ll let you know about the fast tan as soon as I get it…ordered it a few days ago and it has already shipped.

thanks for the replies…I got the fast tan on the way, so we’ll see how it works…I’ve heard alot of positive things elsewhere…like i said…we’ll see. I normally just use the bed and an accelerator in the summer, but decided to give the sunless tannner a try to see if i can get a little darker. I’ll let you guys know what I think of the product once I use it.

Patricia- does Protan make a sunless tanner that lasts for a few days (not just a bronzer that washes right off)? Have you used it? What did you think?

Joel: Jan Tana probably makes a good product that’s NOT for competition use. Let me know how this works for you. As for Protan - I doubt it. What they make is primarilly for bb competitors. And let me say, that Protan, while stays on better and has a better color than the JanTana stuff I tried, makes you smell funny. And dries the hell out of my skin! It’s very “acidic”. Definitely NOT the highlight of my competitive career…:wink:

I’ve used the Sun Laboratories sun tanners and it was one of the best ones i’ve ever used. The tan looks very real and the facial cream is really easy to apply. The only problem would be the body lotion which takes some playing with. Here’s a link
http://ska.safeserver.com/ suntanrx.html

I like using self tanners (along with a tanning bed), but they all have that chemical smell to them even after scrubing in the shower. Anyone know of a good self tanner with no after smell?

If you are speaking of accelerators to be used in conjunction with an indoor tanning bed, then I would have to recommend JanTana’s Deep Tanning Mist…has a nice apricot after scent, even after tanning in a bed.

The one i mentioned smelled like coconuts, at least that’s what I remember.