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Janet Faraone Deadlifts 275x10!




Someone should send this training video to Diesel Weasel.


She has good form. I'd be interested to see how much she can do w/out the suit as well as knowing how much she weighs (not contest weight).

I guess it's unfair b/c I happen to know two of the strongest drug-free women in the country. I've seen one do 275 for 10 done faster with more in the tank and just a belt. The other just deadlifted 457 and won nationals and said she left 20 lbs. on the platform.


Thats REAL fucking impressive. Seriously. Seeing that was ridiculously impressive. Show that to any chick that doesnt want to lift heavy weights! She's has no signs of "muscle chick" on her at all. All of those "skinny" and "I dont want to lift heavy weight because I'll look like a man" chicks should SERIOUSLY watch this!


definitely, lol...


You know that just a couple of workouts will just throw 50 lbs of muscle on a girl. You'll just wake up one day and have 16" perfumed pythons. And it won't go away if you stop either. As a matter of fact, they shouldn't lift babies or grocery bags either because they have mass and have been known to induce runaway hypertrophy (as well as razor cuts)


Janet weighs about 120-130 at out of contest weight.

She is also mainly a bencher, so pulling the weight she does is awesome.


That was awesome. The girl likes her smelling salt to.


Impressive is an understatement. Can't wait until my wife finds this thread - she loves heavy deadlifts, but she's not in anywhere near Janet's numbers yet.


Absolutely awesome!


Anytime someone asks about deadlift form I think I'll save time and send them that video. Very impressive.


very impressive!


Very impressive. She doesn't even have the best puller body habitus (gorilla arms with short torso).



I love it when you hear ppl yelling, "Dont think about it, just do it"

I'd put the weight down and tell them to STFU! lol


Very impressive indeed. I love seeing chicks pull heavy.


Thats pretty funny, he is actually posting his training jounal over in jessie marunde's site i did't read much of it but he seems to be actually listening a little...


DW sighting? omfg yes.


very impressive


That was pretty cool.


It's damn sexy