Janda Situps with Jumpstretch

i want to perform janda situps with JS, which model will be enough for it? (micro/mini/monster mini etc.) and need i a pair or one piece will suffice?

sorry for weak english
WeakEnglishHere, Buck Buck Buck

I’ve done them with a light band, or an average band. it’s not a real big deal, you could even use a rope.

rope? isnt the band to add resistance? or possibly make the exercise easier? dont see how a rope would function the same way.

the idea is to activate the hamstrings, so the body turns off the hip flexors, thereby isolating the abs. pull on the rope with your hammies, or just tie a little weight on it and throw it over a chair or something if you want a little bit more dynamic a resistance.

The guy in this picture is using two, one for each ankle:

why would you want to turn off your hip flexors

to isolate the abs. just a different way of doin things, they’re actually pretty hard.