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Janda Sit-Ups Advice?

Hi all!

I am trying to correct my anterior pelvic tilt and started doing Turkish get-ups, for overall core strength/conditioning, which I love and am smashing.

I decided that I would try Janda sit-ups tonight too and placed my feet on top of the kettlebell rack pulled back and down to activate my hamstrings and glutes to take the hip flexors out of the equation and… holy shit they are difficult. My feet kept raising and coming off the rack i.e. my abs are clearly so weak they were trying to get me to get my hip flexors involved again so they didn’t have to do as much work. So, I put a medicine ball on my feet to keep them pinned down and then tried again. It was very difficult. I managed 2 sets of 5 and tried for a 3rd set of 5 but couldn’t finish (I think I got two).

What can I do to build up to this? I will keep doing them, obviously, but I also want to do other exercises to strengthen those same muscles. Does anybody have any advice/suggestions?

Thanks in advance

How long can you hold a plank?

Also why are you trying to correct your anterior pelvic tilt?

Longer than my boredom threshold lasts.

Better overall health/mobility, less chance of injury, better posture and looks better. APT is indicative of other weaknesses and deficiencies so by correcting it, I am correcting those weaknesses too.

Try RKC planks

Could you be more specific? What joints/structures do you feel are unhealthy? What range(s) of motion are you trying to improve?

Anterior pelvic tilt is extremely unlikely to lead you to injury, unless you’re a gymnast or fast bowler

Perhaps. Where do you think you’re weak?

Thanks for the link! I will give them a shot.

Through your questions, you seem to be implying that APT is nothing to worry about. Whilst it doesn’t, and won’t, keep me up at night, if you have a choice between correcting a deficiency or not, it is certainly better to correct it. Less chance of your back rounding for squats, stronger core and a posterior chain that fires properly meaning less compensation elsewhere = less chance of injury. Plus as I said, it looks better.

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That’s exactly what I’m implying. You’ll be lucky to find any research that shows anterior pelvic tilt is a risk factor for injury (unless you’re a fast bowler or gymnast)

Potentially. In all honesty you could probably just continue to strength train correctly and it will probably get somewhat better over time.

Also, consider that most of the strongest and fastest people alive have an anterior pelvic tilt… food for thought


Have a look at any high-level sprinter. They have a huge APT and you’d be hard-pressed to argue that their posterior chains aren’t working

Ehhhh maybe. Data on this is relatively inconclusive to be honest. Again, athletes with the strongest or otherwise most “effective” posterior chains will typically have the greatest APT (Usain Bolt or literally anyone in the NFL). Also consider that the lumbar spine is extremely unlikely to be injured in extension.

Maybe, you might be at a slightly increased risk of hip impingement (FAI), but if you train hard and were predisposed to FAI from your APT, it probably would have shown up already. Do you have FAI?

APT may increase your risk of rectus femoris (quad) strain as well, although this pretty much only effects people who have to sprint and again, the best sprinters all have APT

Can’t argue there, although insta models make an APT look damn good

If you want to correct APT for aesthetic purposes, be my guest, just don’t buy in to the APT -> injury paradigm because it is not supported

Put the medicine ball in the crook of your knees and squeeze to engage the hams, then do crunches. Sapstead just had an article talking about why it works (and also covered Janda sit-ups): https://www.t-nation.com/training/the-ab-building-trick-nobody-told-you-about

Great link/information! Thanks very much

Why didn’t you just say this to begin with rather than going through the whole passive aggressive/condescending motions of “innocently” asking about each point?

You’re right, that was a dick move and I apologise