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Jan 2019– First Week— Virtual Powerlifting Meet


Nice work! You have some nice lifts. What are the goals for 2019? Crush it @ChickenLittle


Thank you!

First is goal is not to get stung, poisioned, or anything else to piss of my thyroid. Pretty sure if I can do that, the rest will come.
Other than that… the same as it’s been the last three years :rofl::rofl::rofl:
BP 100
Squat 180
DL 240


Hey Guys The Viking has finally done his lifts.

I’m at about 89 kg - 196,2 lbs

My squat is more like a quarter squat, but that’s me and I’ll take it.

Squat: 132,5 kg - 292 lbs
Bench 102,5 kg - 227 lbs
Deadlift: 170 kg - 375 lbs

Total: 405 kg - 892,9 lbs
I absolutely don’t know how to calculate Wilks.

Thanks @losthog for putting the meet up.


That’s what we strive for. What we lifted three years ago (a lot more, a lot less) doesn’t dictate what we can go out and accomplish right now.

Good job, CL!!!

I’m in the same boat as you - a lot weaker, much less endurance - but I’m here. So we keep chugging along with until the good Lord comes for us!

I appreciate @losthog tagging me here. I don’t know if I’ll be able to compete, but your tag got me logging here, which (contrary to all appearances) has helped me become more consistent with lifting.


Me too buddy, me too


The key is to work on developing shorter arms!


Heck I missed this! I’ll take and post some vids in the next couple days friends


Do it, it’s all for fun so get them up.


Didn’t post this here before but I did manage to increase the the 525 squat I threw in for my total to a 540 double just as easy.


Well I was disappointed to only pull 215.
Plan was 290/215/227.5 but form went right out the window as soon as the bar got to my knees and then I was just smoked lol

500lbs says not today junior


Strange ratio of lifts to each other. Why’s that?


Think that was his deadlift attempts and should have read 190 / 215 / 227.5


Oh kk


I thought maybe his squat and bench were equipped, that makes more sense.


Haha fuck no, just my deadlift attempts. There is no way I could bench 200kg ever, even equipped haha
I’m probably like 125/210/215 for B S D at the moment. Due to max bench tomorrow and will give squat a run Monday






Got it in one