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Jan 2019– First Week— Virtual Powerlifting Meet


I’m lurking bro and amazed at how much your tiny little ass can move through space. I’m nearly double your weight and can’t move near the weights you can.


Wait wat? How much you weigh? 400 is some worlds strongest man 7ft tall bullshit


Nah you let go before the bar was placed back on the ground three reds lights DQed from virtual Powerlifting meet nice try but you should drop the weight back down to 135 and work on form


Ha ha one day I’ll be decent at powerlifting


Nice work! You moved the bar to just about my knee caps with that pull - only another 10 or so inches to go! :joy:


Lol the other 10 inches of rom are on my Bench.


Here’s a 375 bench to add to my total. Bodyweight was 193.4 525/375/735- 1635@194.5 well say. Not great but a good bit left in squat and deadlift even with coming back from an injury and doing a big deadlift set beforehand. No doubt I’ll break well into the 1700s if not touch 1800 in 2019. I think I saw we can increase until the cut off date so I may put 10-20 lbs on the squat and deadlift if I’m feeling it but it will be the same way (moving the weight Well and possibly after a big deadlift set again lol)


Deadlift and bench goals. Nice


I just need to lose about 175 lbs will bring me down to 20 lbs BW and I might have a shot.
Fuark man, strong.


Or gain 400 somewhere in the 600s I believe wilks is messed up and something like a 610lb man totaling 825 lbs has a 900 wilks. I’m about to find some obese dude on the internet and give him $5,000 to win the kern for me.


that’s funny man. I pulled up a wilks calculator and tried some things.

If you have a 700 lbs man, he basically ends up with a negative wilks no matter what. and the more he lifts, the more negative it goes.

If you have a 600 lbs man, he can do what you indicated. at a 1300 total, he has 879 wilks. A 1500 total gets him above 1000 wilks. #goals

edit: also, a 200 lbs man totaling 1600 essentially gives you the same wilks as a 400 lbs man totaling 1800. Which is super fucked up and makes me give zero shits about wilks.


Give him a prize for being alive jeezus


If you weigh 600 and can walk onto the platform without spotters you get a medal.


I completely forgot about this lol. Guess I’ll throw something out this weekend. Dust off the cobwebs that have been accruing over my deadlifting. Haven’t pulled from the floor consistently in months.


Where’s everyone else’s total? I pulled 690x4 easy enough I had 5 (5lb all time rep pr) but thumb was slipping. and 750 for a single after but not comp quality so doesn’t count for this.


I’m broken.


Just for the sake of joining the discussion, I had a powerlifting meet at the end of November where I went: 568/347/678 @ 215lbs for a 444 Wilks (Total 1593lbs). I really need to learn how to bench…


We saw your videos and dropped out.

I wasn’t actually planning on taking part in this, I’m just observing and training for a meet in April. I’m not peaked to lift anything big so there is no point, but recent heavy lifts are a 500 SSB squat, 390 bench (paused), and 555x2 deadlift.


meh, I don’t think this was about peaking. That’s what real meets are for, lol. I was anything but peaked to do this. I hadn’t done a barbell squat, flat bench press or deadlifted a barbell in months before putting together my total for this. Literally no preparation.

Anyway, I’ll put up the videos in just a bit. I ended up with a 1475 total. I have a sprained elbow, so bench was pretty rough. I left some lbs on the table there. I’m fine with the deadlift, I might have had more in me. The squat was a grinder, but I’m sure if I squatted for a few sessions to get ready, I could add 20-30 lbs. I’m way out of practice.

EDIT: Bodyweight was like 201 in the morning for these lifts. I did the squat and bench one night, finished with deadlift the next morning.


I guess I just don’t want to do something where I know I won’t do well, plus it would interfere with what I’m doing at the moment. I’m just watching from the sidelines.