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Jan 2019– First Week— Virtual Powerlifting Meet

Yeah people will begin submissions any time I suppose…

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I might not be peaked enough for this. Only lift close to a solid max right now is bench

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I’ll post up all of mine tomorrow, haven’t benched in a few weeks due to elbow issues but will give it a go and see what happens, I think the low weight will be more than made up for with my huge jumps in squat and dl

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@Vincepac1500 @loganator

My lifts for this will not be my best either. I’m still rehabbing a shoulder and not peaked. Have some fun post some lifts you can be proud of and let’s see what ya got!

Did you say they had to be done in the same day or no? I can snag them. Should be able to bench high 300s deadlift mid 700s and squat somewhere over 500. Squat is by far the least peaked right now coming off a max reps set of 9 the last two squat sessions

Consider it a test week… you are free to treat it like a meet and do them in the same day or over a few days and post the group…

Ok. Well see how things go

So here are my three attempts for the 181 class

Last Saturday: deadlift 445
Wednesday: squat 415
Today: bench 305

Really happy with everything, 30lb squat and 80lb dl PRs since the start of the strength cycle. Bench was 10 under pr which is awesome because a few weeks ago my arm was giving out on 275lbs, extra stretching today helped a lot. Unintentionally in the 181 class, was above it for a bit but not much appetite lately, bulk season is taking its toll.


Remind me again when the deadline for the submissions are?

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Congrats on the PRs!

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That’s some damn good work, Logan!

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Here it is

dude, I don’t even bench anymore, lol. and I have a grade 2 elbow sprain. you’ll be fine. it’s all in fun! Aside from the deadlift, I have no idea what I can really do right now. and i’m in the middle of a strongman contest prep.


I hate you guys lol. Here’s a 525 single from today. 70lbs more than my heaviest squat since being hurt. Bodyweight was 192.7 when I got home so I’ll just call it 194 to be on the safe side considering water loss. I’ll do the bench and deadlift as they come. Probably about 375 Bench and 735 deadlift.


I think I’ll give up on this. Yesterday I hurt my right shoulder during my soccer game and I don’t want my shoulder to get worse.

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Here’s a 735 I said I’d pull. Pulled it after 670x5 so I probably could’ve gone over 750 fresh. Seems like being hurt and not able to lift heavy for over two months really brought the fire back. Weighed 193.3 after this. I’ll probably take the heaviest I weigh in of of the three lifts and add a lb to it if that’s ok.


I’m pretty sure you could round up to 200 and still beat us all on wilks. great work man!


Ha ha Thanks, though I think there are a couple that could beat me on wilks on the forum.

You’re just trying to make us feel bad. You win the award for “Best Max Deadlift After Pulling 670x5”, and nobody else around here can even pull 670x1.


there’s gotta be some lurking here.