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Jan 2019– First Week— Virtual Powerlifting Meet


Always fun to see where you rank. I am not sure if I’ll get to pull a max in the time frame for this. I just told my buddy I’m doing stiff bar pulls on my normal deadlift day and banded with a deadlift bar on the second deadlift day and not Mac for like 2 months. Usually a person has one thing that’s an advantage for one of the powerlifter, just gotta find out what it is and use it to be great in that lift. My bench we never be much better than decent in my opinion.


Thanks TnT! I will just have to see how things pan out. I have some other priorities going right now, but if the weather breaks, and I can stop getting stung by various insects, who knows, i might just win this thing! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Good thing your warmup weights are enough to win.


Idk if I take my last warm up maybe 650 ish and my bench is just ok right now upper 300s. squat needs to get brought back up. Like mid 500s that’s only around 1600. If things work out id like to try and go 600/395/790 for this. But we’ll see


This is my goal for my next meet at the end of November…in the 220lb (100kg) weight class. Your use of “only” hurt my ego.


Yep…gonna need a safe space over here in WY haha


Well I do have almost 10 years in lifting, about 4 legit focused on powerlifting


that’s enough to beat anyone aside from Reed in here, I believe. I can’t do 1600 right now, although I may be there by December. And I think you’re in a lower weight class than me, right? What do you weigh these days? I’m sitting around 200.


Just get bit by a radioactive one and then you will deff win :joy:


That’s lbs right, If we convert at like 4lbs to the kilo then I have a chance !! No one in here can do maths right !!! :sunglasses:


I’m just shy of 200 most days between 195-198. I know reed could out total me, would he out wilks me? lol


You may be right!


Not sure, I bet it’s close.


@losthog is it okay if we post up videos of test lifts some time in Q4 to make sure the angles are all good? Or would that clutter up the thread?


Alpha also? I think alpha would have the highest total on this site right now. ( i don’t know past members)


I’m referring to people who would potentially participate in this challenge. Alpha is not in that category.


Any post should be fine.

Only after Jan 1 post to be considered for scoring should be posted. Even if the lifts are done before the


Sounds like fun, 54 year old ready for a good total. Regular meet coming up in March.



This thread hasn’t had traffic in a month. This is still a thing, right?


I mean I still plan on testing and posting vids in January.