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Jan 2019– First Week— Virtual Powerlifting Meet


I think that’s good.

The only powerlifting meet I ever did, I had a 450 wilks. That was a little over 2 years ago, when I was training specifically for that and nothing else. And it involved a water cut down to 181 lbs. I actually walk around at about 200 now, and my powerlifting numbers probably are about the same as they were then. Slightly higher squat and deadlift, lower bench. If I do train for this, I reckon I’ll end up in the 430-440 range, based on what I put into the calculator.


You gonna stay around 200 or bulk up a bit? If I dropped down to 205lbs and had the same numbers I would be around a 420 Wilks. I want to try to beat you know haha, friendly competition.

Edit: At my current weight I would need a 1600lb total to get 440 Wilks which is a doozy


So the answer to this will sort of depend on how I do at the Static Monsters (log press and deadlift) qualifier a week from this Sunday. I’m entering in the 198 class. If I make top 10 in the world and qualify for the championship event in Australia next March, I’ll have to compete as a 198 there. Which means I’ll have a reason to put on some additional bodyweight in the coming months. A competing goal that I also have is qualifying for and competing at nationals in strongman in the 181 class. Nationals are in June I believe. I have to place in a local event before then to qualify. So basically, I’ve gotta figure out how to schedule all those things.


Flip is this event in Australia at the Arnold in Melbourne ??


It’s a friendly online comp, I rekon if you have a known pre existing then just squat to the depth you can.


Ok! I’m in! (I know I’ll regret this decision :joy::joy::joy:)


As far as I’m aware, there’s no connection. Static Monsters is at Gold Coast Australia. It may not actually be March btw. That’s what I had thought I had seen, but now I’m having trouble confirming the month. This year it was in May. So I could be wrong.


I agree with keeping it simple. I dont care if anyone lies about their weight, because I see this as a great opportunity to max out.


That’s a shame, if it was melbourne we could have met up. If it’s GC not sure I can convince the mrs I need to fly up.


I have a meet in December can I just use that?


Looking forward to this. @strongmanbrett, get in here. You have just as good or better a shot than I do at placing in this.


Pretty sure it’s March
seen an add about it and a few of my mates and I were planning to head up and watch it
I know it’s in the first quarter of the year…


No, because you’re a foot shorter than me at the same weight. :wink:


Might have to do this. Gonna be tough to get my squat solid that quick with my knee just starting to feel good but we’ll see.


If you post the videos sure!


The world record if broken here would it count? :joy:


I’m not in, but I’ll be watching. I don’t ever take heavy singles outside of peaking really, and my peaking will be early February most likely.

Bar some equipment limitations (wraps to 2.5 m, only 7 mm knee sleeves, elbow sleeves for bench, no straps for DL, belt no more than 10 cm wide and 13 mm thick and no supportive gear) I think the only other ‘rule’ should be video angle.

I would suggest:

Squat side on, around knee height but not below it
Bench and DL three-quarters from the front (lifter’s 10-11 o’clock)

Other than the honour system will hopefully cover everything. Stuff like deadlift bars make a significant difference, so do wraps vs sleeves, walked out as monolift etc and for a friendly thing setting rules out for that would probably be counterproductive.


Wow this just got a whole lot more serious!! Is there prize money ? Lol


I think the prize should be an entire thread dedicated to worshipping the winner. Like for ex. Ohh spock is so awesome and like 12 people would like that post and reply back yesss she sure is! Etc etc all the “losers” have to say something nice about the winner


Well, seeing as how I lift in @Vincepac1500’s weight class and he outdeadlifts me by a factor of 400 something pounds, I’ve already lost, haha. So, nice work!