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Jan 2019– First Week— Virtual Powerlifting Meet


I like the extended window idea too… Dec1- Jan 7. One submission per entry.

We do need to standardize the entry format some.


Keep it simple, if people wanna fudge their results to look like a hero, then let them feel good being a child.

any vids I take are my phone balanced on a milk crate, propped up with a roll of duct tape, I’m not pissing about with angles and shit when I’m ready to lift, I slap it down, get it sort of right and press the button.

And lifts should be raw, raw = belt + wraps or sleeves. Easy done.


I am planning to test my maxes just before Christmas anyway so count me in.


KISS Keep It Simple Stupid.
Text the weight on the day the lift was made.
If someone wants to cheat it’s their choice.
(I’m off to buy me some plaster and molds)


I don’t give a shit if I come dead last in this. I just want everyone to hit a couple PRs. If someone wants to cheat (take a 4th attempt) or whatever, I don’t really care. Let’s all just get PRs and start 2019 on a high note. I trust you all anyways, and the prize is $0, so I don’t actually think anyone is going to get so into it that they start cheating. But this should be fun!! It’ll be my first PL meet (if this counts)


Yeah this is giving me a headache. It’s not about winning anyway but having fun together and pushing each other.


I’m digging this idea @losthog! Thanks for starting it.

In the winter, I usually like to lift heavier, eat bigger, and hide the “gainz” behind an extra layer of clothing and winter-so-i-gotta-stay-insulated food rationalizations.

The difficultly for me with this being a 1RM competition is I currently don’t have a gym membership, and my weights are the star-collar type that can only hold 265 pounds safely (give or take.)

But! That means I can work up to a 265 bench and squat. My shoulder seems to be ok with weekly low-incline barbell benching, and my hip has righted itself so I can squat again. This friendly competition is the kick in the pants I’ve needed to get off my lazy keister and train regularly again. Perhaps I’ll pop into a gym and pay a day fee once each month and then in January to test my maxes. Or maybe my financial situation will have improved and these current obstacles won’t exist.

Either way, I’ll figure it out, but I’m gladly accepting the invitation to join everyone in strengthening up!


@ChickenLittle You might benefit from the friendly motivation of this challenge. My numbers are SO LOW right now it’s embarrassing, so don’t be discouraged about the amount you’re lifting! Rather, if health allows, use this as a friendly tug to pull you back into lifting regularly.


Exciting! Just enjoy the process don’t hurt yourself and don’t waste money you don’t have…:joy:


My thoughts exactly! :grin:


I do not know if I should participate, getting the last place would make my low self-esteem even worse :joy::joy::joy:


I’ll be in for this. Adding a bit more weight towards the end of the year and trying to hit some numbers, so it should time nicely for this.


Come on. Have fun. I’ll probably be last place. It’s off of wilks scoring. I’m big fat and weak. I don’t stand a chance.




Currently, if I hit all my maxes(at my current weight), Ill have a 405 wilks. is it realistic to shoot for 420 wilks by january? is that even good? I never understood wilks.


You’re ahead of me. I’m about to Google it…

And how does this work for a guy who can’t squat to depth?? Aren’t there events where people only compete in one lift?

Edit: During the best week of my training life I hit 365/305/545 at a weight of 240-243. The US supposedly a Wilks of 348.12.

I’m getting owned…

This is a great way to prep for the T-ransformation Challenge. Eat and grow to finish the year and then cut for summer! Sorry to those of you in the southern hemisphere where you’ll be cutting for winter.


Well during meets there are usually a bunch of awards(at least the ones Ive competed in)

  1. Best overall(wilks)
  2. Highest total
  3. Highest Bench/Squat/Deadlift

Edit: Just do your best :smiley:


Of course! If @bigjez weren’t around then I might be able to win biggest Deadlift by a guy of a certain height.


I mean, I guess. Someone else who isn’t taking part and is more experienced with powerlifting would be fine too.

But yeah, I do think the guidelines should be as clear and simple as possible (particularly the viewing angles, acceptable/unacceptable equipment, and all lifts in one session vs done separately). Flip made a good point about having a larger window to post final video submissions.


Yeah, unless there’s a “heaviest strict weighted pull-up” or a “most one-handed push-ups” category, I’m only here to watch.