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Jan 2019– First Week— Virtual Powerlifting Meet

I’ll give it a go, currently in a high rep phase though so I’ll only get about a month of heavy training. (Just coming prepared with my excuses ready)


Hey @theonecamko here is the thread

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So Back Squat, Deadlift and Front Squat?? I’m sold on the idea. In for sure!

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Just edited the original post :joy::joy:

I like the idea of curls, leg press better

Girl section I know there are more, just can’t remember right now.

@Spock81 (I saw you were in)
@donnerschweer (if you get rid of the plate)
@jamie1888 (no points for food)
@littlelee (if she’s still around)




Dis gun be good. When I win, I want everyone to fly me out to there respective homes and buy me dinner. If I lose, then clearly the competition was rigged from the start.


Can I go for single leg?


Sure. Go for it.

Haha, I’m in

Might be traveling around this time, but I’ll have already had a meet prep before all this.

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My bench sucks, and my squat may not be up to snuff since I’m prepping for a strongman comp, but count me in anyway. There’s nothing quite like embarrassing yourself in front of your peers on a video for posterity! Now I just need to get someone to record me…


So how does it work in terms of when we do it? Does it have to all be one on day or can it be any day before 7th January?

Edit: I see you’ve said first week of Jan, but does each lift have to be in the same training session/day like a meet? How many attempts and is it strictly squat then bench then deadlift?

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@T3hPwnisher @kaibee

Loser has to eat white dog shit


I will be on week 13 of Deep Water at that point. No real room for 1rms. Maybe later in the year.

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Just video your max attempt from that week and have submissions in by the due date.

This could be cool or it could get pretty murky with lift verification and consistent form standards. Either way, definitely worth a shot. Like the T-ransformation challenge, it’s great that this is something you guys are coming up with on your own.

It seems like the easiest way to look at it is something like, “Everyone has until Jan 7 to post a vid of their heaviest squat single, heaviest bench single, and heaviest deadlift single.” Basically leaving it open for people to treat it like a 1RM test week instead of trying to do a mock PL meet all in one workout.

I’d also suggest a snapshot of the scale’s reading at weigh-in (not necessarily of your physique, of course). The honor system is totally fine, but I feel like it’s too open to “I weighed around 205 last week after dinner, so I’m probably closer to 198”. Especially if you’re going off Wilks, it seems like the most accurate way to get a bodyweight.


LOL funny

I’m OUT for this round since I’m still recovering and not doing squats or deads yet. Not sure I’d be a good competitor anyway being that I am not a powerlifter. But, I’d give it a go for the fun of it.

Looking forward to seeing this comp play out.

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@losthog since you’re chairing this virtual meet, how does this look?

-Use timestamp app for weigh-in photo and lift videos
-Video angle standards
-Equipment standards
-Timeline between weigh-in and lifts
-Timeline between lifts

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I think that would be awesome!

I think we would lose a lot of participation if it gets too complicated.

But I am sensitive to you super competitive guys that want everything equal and standardized. I’m competitive also…

Honestly, I think we just trust people since it is for bragging rights more than a title and prize money. If big money, or qualifications for nationals or worlds we would need to really zero in on the specifics.

Honor system for the lifts. Lifts must be the week of Jan 1-7 cutoff and submitted date.

I nominate @Chris_Colucci to be the mediator and judge to decide on any issues.


I have thoughts on these things… I agree with losthog that overcomplicating things will reduce participation, and that’s not ideal. So I wouldn’t think timestamping should be involved. Mostly because I’m a technological dunce and don’t know how to do that, lol.

I think weigh in should be what you weigh that morning, and we should say ‘no water cut/intentional bodyweight manipulation for weigh in’. We’re all friends here, I’d hate to see that kind of stuff infiltrate this contest.

I also don’t see a reason to actually have a posted picture of a scale. Too easy to fabricate that anyway, just posting your weight in the text of the post should be sufficient.

I’d vote for all lifts having to be done in the same day. If someone wants to go to spend 10 hours at the gym one day to spread at the attempts, whatevs. To each his own. I will be knocking these out in an hour.

A video angle standard should probably be implemented for the squat at least. Not necessarily because we should be over-analyzing depth, but because some people just take ridiculous videos where you can’t see ANYTHING. I’d probably suggest an unobstructed side angle view.

I think we should probably agree on some loose equipment standards… no need for singlets and stuff, but super baggy clothes probably shouldn’t be worn, and we should agree on whether or not knee wraps are allowed. I’d vote no, just make it raw, sleeves are fine.

I think your 6 day window for submitting entries is silly though, losthog. Particularly since you picked a week that a whole lot of people take vacations. If anybody is on vacation that week, or competing somewhere else, or hell, just gets sick, they won’t be able to participate. Is there any real reason not to have a pretty wide open window, for the sake of convenience? Why not December 1 through Jan 7? Nobody gains an advantage by having an earlier submission, right?