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Jan 2019– First Week— Virtual Powerlifting Meet


Just to have some fun and compete within the community, a virtual powerlifting meet.

Three lifts:
Squat, Deadlift, and Squat

(Edit: that last squat should say bench)

All video submitted for top lift during the first week of Jan. Winner will be determined by highest wilks score.

Cutoff for video submissions will be Jan 7 at midnight Eastern time.

Feel free to add people interested to the thread. It will be a nice place to test maxes heading into the new year.


Here we go new thread:






I like that there’s two squats


I’m in, is there an age handicap like 10 pounds for each lift if you’re more than 45 years of age?

@littlesleeper can only bench and DL with one arm and one leg.


BTW there could be a youngsters department as well


And what about the ladies?


Iknow it’s a typo but love the 2 squats idea, fuck bench !
And bugger wilks, let’s just go highest combined total, keep it simple.


hahaha I didn’t see it the first time hahaha


In. Is there a reward for shakiest squat? I’d clean that right up.


Might end up hitting some heavy singles between now and then so will just post them up. I think I win on Wilks though because I weigh around about a kilo


Strict press as well?


Yeah front squats instead!


What about @strongmanbrett and @liftangryordie500.


You mean vertical bench?


This is so fun I totally want to do this!!


Sounds awesome. We’re allowed only a belt and chalk, correct? @losthog also how are we taking care of weigh-ins?


Make it side laterals, bicep curls and hanging leg raises and I’m in!

Looking forward to seeing how this goes.


Cool idea! If I wind up hitting any singles in my training cycles around that time I’ll put them up.


@Spock81 yeah girls are in!

@liftangryordie500 I think wrist wraps, knee sleeves, belts, chalk…all good


Got it. Sounds great. I’m gunning for a 240 Bench by then.