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Jammer Press?


Any thoughts on the Jammer Pres machine? I think it's made by Hammer Strength. I know it's not real common, but it seems to be designed pretty well to approximate the football hitting motion. Our team just got one and I've been using it to replace push press on one day (still doing PP on another day though). Anyone with opinions or ideas on the subject speak up.


i was at a seminar a couple of years ago and a guy named steve plisk who is pretty big in the nsca stated that he thought the hammer jammer was for "motor morons" he thought the olympic lifts were a much more effective and economical way to train. combine saving money with better results and i think his opinion on the jammer is pretty clear.


Oly lifts are definitely more economical both $$$ wise and in that they give you more "bang for your buck", but the thing is already bought and payed for... I still do cleans, power pulls and push press/jerk. The Jammer is mostly to add a bit of variety to my program.


I think it's like push press machine.


I've done both oly lifts and the jammer. I think the jammer is a little more "sport specific" to football. I've seen people use it like a push press but it was intended to be used to mimic coming of the line in football. You get low and explode with the lower body and extend through with the arms. What makes it nice is you can use one arm or two. The only advantage I see over oly lifts is that it takes about 2 minutes to learn how to use the jammer and you can start moving fairly heavy weights. You won't find many inexperienced lifter who can do that with the oly lifts. IMHO you should use it as a supplimental lift after cleans and snatches.


The Jammer is more sport specific to football and a good tool to use in your training. That does not mean you have to stop doing cleans though. Put some jump stretch bands and/or weight work on the jammer. Its not easy with the bands. Have fun


Oly lifts are better, but almost all of the time free weights are better than machines. One big negative I have heard on this machine is the injury rate for newbies (wouldn't be the same rate for experienced lifters). Usually rotator cuff damage.


how is the jammer sports specific to football? I've never seen one on a football field. Ok...yeah I know I'm being an ass, but I've just never seen any real world results from it's use, in my years of coaching OL at the university level. Waist of money in my opinion. Of course I don't think oly lifts have much carryover to football either, so what do I know. They do make you better at oly lifts though.


The only perfect sport specific activity for football is on the field playing football but we can come close in other ways. the weightroom is not the place to do most sport specific activities but some can be used even though they may not perfectly mimick the movement on the field. The olympic lifts are not the almighty of all exercises and neither is the jammer but they are damn good lifts to do. Dont get me wrong I love cleans and use them but they are just like anything else, an exercise. So I dont start any debates remember many lifts can be done explosively. The reason I say the jammer is more football specific than the clean is because of horizontal triple extension instead of vertical triple extension. No you will not find one on a football field and you wil not find a barbell either but we still lift weights. yes the jammer is extremely expensive but if your school wants to spend the money you can get very good use out of it. Read Coach H's log at elitefts and get his opinion on it. Theres mine and I dont think it is either right or wrong just my opinion.


hfrogs00: I respect your opinion and don't really have a problem with the jammer or oly lifts per se, it's just that I see them too often focused on at the expense of the fundamentals. I think both can play a role, but not at the expense of excercises that will help build strength, speed and power far more quickly and efficiently. When I see slow linemen who weigh 250lbs and are'nt particularily strong in the squat or bench being forced to focus on ballistic movements in their quest to attain strength, size and power, I have to shake my head. Without a foundation of strength (particularily in the p-chain)I think it's a serious case of putting the cart before the horse. There is also a risk to benefit ratio with ballistic movements that has to be considered when being used as a training supplement for sports. We had a starting QB miss two games from a lower back injury on the jammer and two starting linebackers miss games from injuries doing some sort of ballistic squat/jump/press thingy. One injured his knee and another his ankle. So while there may be some benefit to ballistic movements in power sport training, it there is an increased risk of having your best athletes off the field due to injury, it's just not worth it IMHO.


Magnus I completely agree on the proper base being built and use of fundamentals from the beginning and posterior chain strength. And no many people should not be doing ballistic movements without the proper base strength and technique down. And yes too many people get caught up in doing the movement because it looks cool and then get injured and cant play. Being on the field to perform is the most important thing. So we are in complete agreement on that. I was just comparing the clean and the jammer for footbal purposes. I believe you said you were a football coach so good luck with spring practice and the upcoming season.