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Jamie Reeves WSM Routine

Squat (Oly style, wk1- 10 reps, wk2- 8 reps, wk3- 5 reps)
Step Ups (3 x 10 per leg)
Stiff Legged Deadlifts (stood on block, 3 x 10)
Leg Curls (full stack)

Bench Press (wk1- 8 reps, wk2- 5 reps, wk3- 3 reps)

Standing Strict Press (wk1- 8 reps, wk2- 5 reps, wk3- 3 reps)
Push Press (3 x 5)
Dumbell Press (90 kg per hand)

Deadlift (wk1- 5 reps, wk2- 3 reps, wk3- 2 reps)
Power Clean (3 x 5)
Bent Over Rows (stood on block, 3 x 10)
Dumbell Rows (90 kg per hand)

Narrow Grip Bench (wk1- 5 reps, wk2- 3 reps, wk3- 2 reps)
Barbell Curls (3 x 5)

Running and Throwing

Before he started Highland Games and Strongman competitions in 1986, he was a Jr Powerlifter in GB training Mon-Wed-Fri Sq-Bp-Dl and cycling down Kaz/Coan-style.

His best competition lifts were 800 IPF squat in '87, 600 IPF bench in '00, and 810 deadlift in IPF '88. He bench pressed 600 raw on many occasions in the early 90s in seminars and his best gym lift was an 850 deadlift in '90 in which he pulled his bicep off in the process which put him out of WSM '90. He was also a 450 x 3 standing strict military presser with no leg drive ('90) and believes he has the strongest shoulders ever.

He tapered down his training a little in '92-'93 after many injuries.