Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Premiers Tonight

Premier’s tonight (U.S.). Who’s watching/DVRing?

I’ve seen quite a few outtakes but the one that really got me was when Oliver held up a stem with 4 tomato’s attached. He asked a bunch of first graders what the red orbs were and nobody knew. American kids don’t know what a tomato is…

BUMP, but only because the OP seems like a nice lady.

This show unfortunately shows how lazy and brainwashed the masses are in this country and how screwed up our government is when the FDA attacks PH and lets our schools serve pure s@#$ to our youth while eliminating gym class and recess. So many things wrong in this country man we have some work to do. I do not eat fast food and I do not allow my family to eat that crap either.

This premiered last week.

there is already a thread about the show.