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Jamie Mcowen Sportscenter


just thought i'd post this here for any of you that have followed jamie mcowen's training on my youtube.. he's a minor league baseball player who was featured on espn last night for his 43 game hit streak, i think it's at 44 now..

here's the espn video:

show him some love!

when he left training for spring training he had a;
- 37 " standing vert
- 10'3" broad jump

here's a vid of his training with a bunch of other minor league baseball players..

he works so hard im just real glad to see him getting some shines.



Very nice, I like the fact that there is more and more baseball players finally taking to serious weight training. Btw that vertical is awesome.


ya the guys i trained were so dedicated.. most said they've never trained like that before.. jamie's s&c coach at fiu was a badass though.. apparently he had everyone really training intense.

ya man jamie works crazy hard.. he wants 40" SVJ one day.. so every off-season we go crazy to keep getting him closer.. this off-season he will be damn close.. he'll probably be at 35" when he comes back (not 37"), but that will be better than last off-season coming back at 32-33" and getting to 37"..

40" svj/11' broad jump would be nuts, i know he's capable of it.



congrats again adarqui!


i hate Minnesota accents.


he has one? he's from miami..