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James Webb To Run For Senate


James Webb has entered the race to receive the democratic nomination for the 2006 Senate race in Virginia. I have personally been a fan of Mr. Webb's for a long time.

Here is a short run down of who he is: Mr. Webb graduated from the Annapolis in 1968 and accepted a commission in the USMC at the height of the Vietnam War. He deployed to Vietnam where he served a Platoon and Company commander. During his service in Vietnam, Webb was awarded the Navy Cross, Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts.

After leaving the Corps due to injuries sustained in combat in 1972, Webb enrolled in Georgetown Law School. By the time he graduated, he had also written the transcript for Fields of Fire, one of the definitive novels about Vietnam. Webb was instrumental in the creation of the Vietnam Memorial and was the driving force behind the statues that are part of that monument. Webb served as Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, but resigned when policies calling for reduction of the Navy were forced on his position. Webb is an accomplished warrior, author, reporter, executive, and lawyer. Additionally, Webb has championed the rights of veterans and Vietnamese refugees for decades.



From his site:
"Imagine a Senator who has made a point never to take money for lobbying the government, and who has declined to sit on corporate boards, other than in a pro bono status for non-profit enterprises. Someone who has given thousands of hours pro bono on behalf of America's veterans and those Vietnamese who fled their homeland after the Communist takeover in 1975. Indeed, imagine a Senator who writes his own books."

I love him already!


James Webb is a hero, the Navy Cross is second only to the Medal of Honor for the Marines. Read The Nightingale's song if you have any interest in Vietnam, it's the story of Webb, McCain, John Poindexter, Budd McFarlane, and Oliver North, all Annapolis grads in the mid '60s. Webb wrote a good article, I think the Post, a couple of weeks back, talking about how the Bush administration uses surrogates to attack the patriotism of Vietnam vets who oppose the war in Iraq. Says something about how far the Republican Party has fallen that a guy who once said "I wouldn't cross the street to watch Jane Fonda slit her wrists" is now running as a Democrat.


Its apparent that liberals love this guy, which is exactly why I dislike him


The article was called "Purple Heartbreakers." It may have ran in several papers, but I think I read it in the New York Times.


Wrong on all counts. Webb servered in the Reagan administration. Only recently, did he switch parties in response to the current path of the GOP. And I'm a moderate.


Read and learn:



I am a republican, but if it's gonna be a democrat, he seems better than most.


It also shows the sad state of the Democratic Party that anyone would think it odd that a patriotic American would not automatically be a Republican.

Not all Democrats are insane but Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, Clinton etc have certainly twisted that party away from what it should be just as much as the Republican Party has been twisted by other forces.



Great post. I certainly agree. I am extremely turned off by the collective actions of BOTH parties. However, there are individual politicians on both sides whom I respect and admire. James Webb certainly ranks high on my list in that respect.



Great link. I don't read NRO or National Review much, I never renewed my subscription after the hack job they did on McCain when I was in high school, but that's a great article, and illustrates what the GOP has to lose.


No, that trend has been going on, with plenty of exceptions, since Vietnam. This one, of Veterans turning on a Republican Party led by chickenhawks like Bush and Cheney ("other priorities" during Vietnam, no wonder he can't shoot straight) is a new one.


Webb v. Allen: Lincoln-Douglas Debates for the new millenium?




Here is a link to the "Purple Heartbreakers" article that was mentioned in a previous post:




The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth will be along shortly, to explain to the public how Mr. Webb doesn't actually deserve his medals.


I wasn't aware that Webb served on Swift Boats.

The Swift Boat Vets rightly pointed out that some of Kerry's medals were shady. One is only supposed to get a Purple Heart for being wounded by enemy action.

At least one of Kerry's Purple Hearts was a result of him destroying a pile of rice to deny the VC access to it. He should not have received a Purple Heart for this.

Before you go off on a Bush rant I believe he probably skipped out on some of his National Guard duty too.