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James Toney vs. Hasim Rahman


This one should be interesting. I picked Lacy over Calzaghe, and got burnt. This time I'm taking skills over strength and picking Toney. If Toney hasn't eaten too many deep fried cows (hopefully he weighs in around 230) he should counter punch and out-slick Rahman to a wide UD.


It could go either way, but I'll take the Rock by KO.


You got burnt big time with the Lacy/Calzaghe fight.

I've never seen anyone take so many punches and dish out so few as Lacy did that night.

What did the commentators say about it? Plenty of the British pundits thought it was Lacy's fight, so I'm sure our american friends must have completely written off Calzaghe.

Just a pity he keeps hurting is hand.



Lacy was a wide favorite here. Most people had him by KO, and few gave Calzaghe much credit at all. They pretty much labeled him as an over-protected chump.


Final thoughts on this before the weekend. Although I'm still picking Rachman, I will admit that Toney is a good counter puncher and Rachman's chin is suspect. James Toney is 37 years old and weighed in at a career high 237 lbs. Unfortunately, it ain't muscle and he's only about 5'9 or something.


Toney weighed in at 237, but he weighed in with his shoes on and shorts. From the pictures he looks pretty decent, it's hard to tell but it appears his gut and face are a little slimmer and he's added some muscle. Rahman is ripped and looks good.

Still taking Toney by a wide UD, but I hope Rahman does something to make it interesting.


I'd take Toney. He's getting old and slower, but his skills have gotten better. Plus, he's more interesting and I would like to see him make some waves in the heavyweights. Now that Klitchko(sp?) is retired it's a wasteland. Nobody interesting to pull it all together. Rahman got a title by default, the human sleeping pill has one and does that huge Russin still have a dubiously worthwhile title?


Right the title holders are:

Hasim Rahman (WBC)
Nicoley Valuev (WBA)
Chris Byrd (IBF)
Lamon Brewster (WBO)

I think the two best fighters are Chris Byrd and Wladmir Klitschko, and they are fighting in April.


Two classic fights are on HBO this evening, Hasim Rahman vs Lennox Lewis I and Toney vs. Jirov. Two of the best fights of the new millenium. Toney-Rahman is at 10pm.


That was weak. I thought Rahman outworked Toney and won. Toney looked like he never got going and sometimes he starts out like that and then turns it up when a guy isn't expecting it, but I think he was out of shape and tired. Rahman won more rounds but didn't hit Toney with that many hard shots and never seemed to hurt him. Toney kept letting loose big overhand right haymakers and when he missed, Rahman never made him pay for it. Toney did hit him with some clean hard shots though(some on those overhand rights)and I expect if they were coming from a big heavyweight pucher Rahman would have been knocked out. Then when it was over Rahman seemed too eager to make excuses for Toney and shower him with compliments and then basically said he thought if Toney had been in shape he would have been beaten. It was wierd. Rahman seemed to think a rematch was a forgone conclussion but I don't think anyone wants to see that. Maybe Klitschko-Bird II will be better.


Vomit. I fell asleep. The only thing I am sure of is that neither Rahman or Toney have a future in the big picture of the HW division. I sure as hell hope Klitschko-Byrd II is better.


Well. I thought they both looked bad. HR worked his ass off, but never really tagged T, even after some missed haymakers that left him standing there so wide open, I think I could have put one on the button.

For his part, T just does not have the power of a real heavyweight. He needs to drop 30 lbs, and get back into a division where his counterpunching skills will move somebody.

I really watch a lot of the smaller guys now - the talent is just not there in the HW division. Tyson is a dick, but I miss the young Tyson. Even though the fights were short, it was fun to watch him deck people.

On the plus side - First boxing on my HD TV. Hell yeah. Completely different experience from my old 36" Hitachi. Maybe the best toy ever.