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James Smith Conference Call


This sounds great:

(taken from elitefts)
"I am seriously considering setting up a conference call on a weekly basis. The call would last 60 minutes and the topic would be introduced by me spontaneously and completely randomly.

The common theme of every call/discussion would be directed towards heightening the abilities/expression of sport form of an athlete.

I would select guest speakers (individuals who are highly accomplished in the field- according to my definition), again at a random and unannounced basis. To give you an idea of who the speakers I would ask to particpate are:

Buddy Morris
Tom Myslinski
Val Nasedkin
Charlie Francis
Joe Defranco
Martin Rooney
Dave Tate
Jim Wendler
Jason Ferruggia
Michael Hope
Mark McLaughlin
Landon Evans
and others from this Q and A as well as other associations...

I would host all calls and introduce the topic for discussion for all calls. My role in each call would be fundamental as I would share my related views for approximately 20 minutes. The guest speaker(s) would then join in for another 20-25 minutes in which we would volley back and forth.

At the end of each call, probably the last 15 minutes, I would provide for a live Q and A between any listeners and myself and who ever the guest speaker(s) I have chosen that week.

My wife works for a business that uses great conference call technology. I would use the same service, so I can guarantee the success from a technical end.

I am looking into a few different options for handling the monetary transaction, which would provide you with a code for the call.

Please fill out the poll so I can get an idea of how much value viewers place on my and my industry associates time and insights and so forth.

I know that this would be a great experience both for myself, my guest speakers, and the listeners.

I would make every attempt to utilize technology that would allow me to make a MP3 or some other type of digital recording that I could provide to paying callers and also to possibly sell to individuals who couldn't make the call

I really want this to happen. I, however, need to assess your interest level before I move forward.

Those of you who participate in other forums/message boards can do me a big favor in spreading the word about this idea.

If you could, just ask individuals to stop by and at least take the poll as a guest (if they do not wish to register for the Symposium).

I can't move forward until enough people take the poll. This information will guide my decision as to whether there are enough interested paying customers to justify the endeavor.

I really want this to happen as I greatly enjoy speaking about training, much more so then writing about it. Additionally, living in the remote location which I do makes it more challenging to interact with the masses.

Through the call I could interact, on a more personal and direct basis, with interested participants anywhere in the world.

Don't forget about the Q and A which would be featured at the end of every call.

this could really be a unique event, and one which would occur EVERY WEEK!

Let's make this happen!"

I think this would be a great opportunity, do James a favor and at least answer the poll.


There was no answer in the poll for "you couldn't pay me to listen to James Smith". What a tool. Some of the guys on that list are cool, but others are wannabe "coaches". The S&C field just makes me sick.


I don't know that much about James to take such a stance, but his articles are absolutely unreadable. Not only are they unnecessarily dense, but also unnecessarily serious in their tone; it's freaking weightlifting.



The format of this sounds EXACTLY-EXACTLY like our coaching group Guest Calls which we have been doing for years- Jules


On what basis do you make these comments?


Cue Jumanji- if you've read his posts here then you can probably read my thinking on this one.


Apparently you are fond of this set up as your coaching group does "exact" same thing. If this is the case, I don't see the problem with doing this type information session with a list of great coaches. I'd like to hear your thoughts because I don't see the issue.


yeah i'm unsure about the backlash. James is a good guy, and the names on the list are, for the most part, awesome.

I mean frikin defranco, francis, myslinski, morris, val... I'm sure james could pull a few more out of the hat

And aparently Staley has the patent on paid conference calls. Hmm... Crossfit puts them on for free. I'm not a crossfitter but if you wanna throw stones...


What has James contributed to S&C?

-overhead lifting = evil
-Rep work for intermediate lifters (SE haha)

and who does James trained? and dont tell me high school kids because they make gains on any non-retarded programmes.

What I see in him is someone who fails to communicate adequately to his audiences (powerlifters, athletes) and is overly obcessed with "soviet secrets"; when it comes to real world ideas, I don't know anyone who has gotten much outta his work.

Charlie Francis, Buddy morris etc... are cool though


Thats the point james never said "who wants to listen to me speak"

He said "who wants to have a phone conference with ...(insert any number of GREAT strength coaches)"

BTW all those fellas respect James.


No, they don't. I'm not going to out anybody, but trust me, some of the big names on that list don't respect him.


So Team Staley would agree that it's a GREAT idea then? Or not?


"I would host all calls and introduce the topic for discussion for all calls. My role in each call would be fundamental as I would share my related views for approximately 20 minutes."


Read his work. It should be pretty apparent. Nothing "wrong" with it, but his writing style and style of self-promotion turns my stomach. Nothing new either. Just a complicated way of getting across info a lot of us are already familiar with. Good for those beginners that think you need to use big words to get across legitimate concepts.


ok BigTr- I had to reread my post because no where do I see where I wrote that it was an "issue"

And Squatting600- also, I never wrote anywhere on that post that Staley has a patent on these calls...

So yes, Neuro Muscular- do I think it's a great idea?
Sure- and what anyone wishes to do in this great big world is up to them.

All I did was make an observation on this thread as I saw the words "unique event", and well, again, we have been doing this for years.-Jules


Fair enough,

It just seemed as if you were claiming that James was copying your conference call idea. I was just stating that others in the S&C community do the same. So, in a way we were making the same point in a beat around the bush kinda way.

Had you just pointed out and taken issue to the "unique event" thing, I would have not taken issue.

It was the "EXACTLY-EXACTLY" and over all tone of the post which sounded to me like you were insinuating James stole the idea that prompted my response.

Unfortunately the internet is not a perfect means of communication and if I misunderstood the tone and attitude of your post I apologize. If your tone was intending to be smart a$$ then I still apologize because I normally do not waste time with pointless mud slinging.

Either way



squattin600 pretty much covers what I think about it


Buddy Morris
Tom Myslinski
Val Nasedkin
Charlie Francis
Joe Defranco
Martin Rooney
Dave Tate
Jim Wendler
Jason Ferruggia
Michael Hope
Mark McLaughlin
Landon Evans

I am honestly just curious who on this list is a "wannabe"?

Take care,



Yep, although your mind might be using bigger words than mine, LOL.

Didn't you realize that your eastern education would be held against you?

I have been there. Remember two HR meetings for the Fortune 100 Compnay I worked for that were centered around my using the words in a presentation: rudimentary, and modicum. Both were beyond the understanding of middle menagement, thus inappropriate. Apparently, not even the context was enough... too funny. Not really.

Seriously, actually scoring well on your SAT is not a good thing depending on the field and audience. I can tell you two things: 1) the fact that our educational system does not require debate and logic is literally a travesty. All HS and college kids should be required ot take these courses. 2) All things learned in these classes should immediately be forgotten upon leaving school for success in the real world.

For one, I would love to hear what Tom has to say. I would love a compilation of all of his stuff, posts, etc. Any contact info for him save for through his front office?

Anyway, I will check your site for updates on the idea.

Remember: your audience is full of guys who kept blocking the wrong guy on 234 Power back in HS (like me!!). Keeping it simple would be good, as I am not the brightest. Seriously, maybe 10 or 15 watts max for me....I just don't sleep much so I can work through tons of info...

Talk soon.



You know- again, you write: It just seemed as if you were claiming that James was copying your conference call idea"

Honestly, I must be losing my mind as I don't see any claims made where I said James was copying our idea. Where was that written in my post? I would really like to know.
And if I wrote EXACTLY - then, hell yes, it is EXACTLY what we have been doing over here for years. I also did not think when I wrote that that I was setting an all around tone toward accusing someone of theft.

James, it is a great big world- go and get your piece of it and if you would like Charles on one of those calls let me know and I will help to set it up-Jules