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James Randi is Gay


Seriously. He's been owning liars for 81 years


Here's him making a pedophile look stupid

Homeopathy is silly

Faith Healing?

how long until people start trying to use his sexual orientation as more fodder for attacking him.


Probably about as long as people like you keep pointing it out. What does him being gay have to do with those clips?


Good question.

I'm a fan of Randi's anyway.


He and Michel Foucault would have been the smartest couple on earth.


Wow, first time I have seen this guy, and he is awesome. His nickname should be PWNED!


Nothing. I was just posting some clips if people weren't familiar with Randi.

He just came out yesterday and I thought some people might be interested? Also, I think the way he phrased everything was really awesome, and a little sad to think that he felt he had to wait this long to look for acceptance.

Him being gay doesn't belittle him, his work, or his foundation.


hahaha wowww i cant believe that last guy got 4 million dollars scamming those people...OWNED


Ooh. Cool guy.

First time I have seen him as well. I'll look for more short clips. Thanks for the heads up, kellerdp. Maybe the thread should be "James Randi is awesome" instead. Lol.


The Amazing Randi is one of my favorites... gay, straight, or whatever.


That faith healing one was fantastic. I can't stand people who cynically prey on the feeble minded.

Faith healing? Moar like failth healing amirite


I agree.

Worst part is Peter Popoff is still at it, with other scams like "dead sea salt".


It seems right that a great man like Randi who reveres reason and logic and uses the scientific method to separate what is true from what is fanciful should have nothing to do with women.




This is a wonderful post, thankyou.


Now that was a post worth reading.


I'm much more concerned with the pressing issue of James Randi apparently being 12,000 years old.


This is the first time ever hearing about this guy.




Never heard of him, until just now! He's now my new idol.


Don't be silly; even the Earth isn't 12'000 years old, how can Randi be;)