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James Mooney Protocol for Rapid Ketosis

James Mooney, what was your exact protocol for entering ketosis with alcohol. How long did you fast after your post workout protein shake before you had your whiskey and how much did you drink, ect ect. Please lay it out step by step for me. I AM VERY INTERESTED IN TRYING THIS!!! Thanks bro!!!

I had my last carb meal at about noon. Go to the gym at 2, protein shake (no carbs), no more food after that. I usually go out of work at 10:30 and then we went out. I would probably have between 3 or four single malts or absolut kurrants (sometimes more) and then after the bars closed I went to bed. By the late afternoon of that next day I would be in ketosis. I should try to get ahold of a glucometer to see exactly how much the blood sugar drops after drinking alcohol on an empty stomach (or mine rather). Like I said though, I usually do this once a year in the spring, and it’s probably not the best way to this but I love good liquor and I found that it made my blood sugar low enough to get into ketosis real quick. Try out and see if it works for you.

This is not a very safe practice. Alcohol can induce ketoacidosis and cause death. This is NOT the way to go. Why must people reach ketosis faster anyway? It usually takes 3 days at most to reach ketosis if you restrict all carbs and those two extra days don’t make that much difference. This is almost as dangerous as using insulin for this practice.

come on dude! I’m talking about three or four drinks here, you will not induce ketoacidosis. Christ, if anything, Dan Duchaine’s depletion workout is dangerous.

I don’t think three or four drinks would kill a 10 year old, let alone an adult. I am not sure if there is any science behind this though. Not doubting you James, but would like more input.

Actually there is tons of science behind this. Alcohol causes a drop in blood sugar,period. If you have your last carb meal at noon, workout at two, and ingest nothing else, you are already going to drop your sugar. If you throw back a couple drinks later that night on an empty stomach it will drop you further down, as it did me into ketosis without going through that whole feeling like crap for two and half to three days while your blood sugar drops. I am in no way saying this is the greatest way to do this, in fact I forgot why I even mentioned it. I was just relaying a way to get into a quick (for me) ketogenic state without fucking around with metformin or insulin that fit nicely into my lifestyle at the time. Quick, easy, and tasty.

From my understanding, alcohol can only induce ketoacidosis after the person is already in ketosis, not in getting the person into ketosis.

Actually the depletion workout is not as dangerous as consuming alcohol for ketosis. The only way to reach ketoacidosis is to consume alcohol or be diabetic which this has nothing to do with either.

Can somebody please explain if this alcohol induced drop in blood sugar is due to it’s stimulation of insulin secretion or via an alcohol only rout. Thank you.

I think we all need some more input on this!!