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James Brawn's Training Log

To be honest, I’m prone to some odd self-inflicted experimentation so I almost had the mindset of how much damage I could do in a short period. I gained a stone in about a week. Of course, about 5 lbs dropped off within a few days of restarting the diet. So wasn’t straight away back onto PSMF , about 2 week transition. But I am now ahead of where I was in those pix so I am generally happy despite the ‘2 steps forward 1 step back’ approach! Good luck mate.

Thanks for the info man. First day honestly wasn’t too bad. Being 270lbs, I figured eating 1100 calories was gonna be awful, but it’s really not that bad if you fill up on a shit ton of veggies. I’m gonna have to come up with some recipes though, cuz cold cuts, salad/celery, and some sriracha sauce isn’t gonna cut it lol