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Jake's First Physique Competition

So what the hell I thought I’d log everything for the final 9 weeks leading up to my first physique show April 20, 2013.

I’m back on board with Shelby for the final stretch.

Training is 4 on 1 off:

  1. legs/calves
  2. chest/delts
  3. back
  4. arms
  5. off

Starting macros are: 5 meals at 45/30/10 p/c/f and a 6th meal of 5 omega 3 eggs
Cheat meals: every 5th night before legs
Cardio: gonna start with 20 min daily…stair stepper or incline treadmill

2/13/13 Front double bi

2/13/13 rear double bi

2/13/13 Legs/calves

Lying single leg curls: 5x15

Smith Machine Stiff-leg RDLs: 20x1pps+25s, 15x2pps, 12x2pps+25, 10x3pps, 8x3pps+25

Leg Press w/ 2 doubled up monster bands/side: 20x bands+4pps, 15x+5pps, 12x+6pps, 10x+7pps, 8x+8pps

HS Hack Squats: 20x2pps, 15x2.5pps, 12x3pps, 9x3.5pps, then 6/6/6/6/15 drop w/ 4pps/3pps/2pps/1pps/0pps (sissy squats)

Hack machine standing calf raises: ramping 1pps/1.5pps/…/3pps sets of 15, then a 15/15/15/30 drop set w/ 3.5pps/2pps/1pps/0pps

Today was volume focused, getting in alot of sets w/o sacrificing numbers…going pretty heavy on all the final sets.

I skipped my cheat meal last night, so tonight I had a 12" meat lovers pizza and an ice cream cookie sandwich.

awesome physique, I’ll be following. Do you alternate heavy and volume focused weeks?

[quote]browndisaster wrote:
awesome physique, I’ll be following. Do you alternate heavy and volume focused weeks?[/quote]

Every 5 days I try to switch off between volume and HIT. Most of the time it’s based off of what I feel like when I start my workout. To me HIT means adding intensifiers to make up for drop in volume. Things like 3 sec negatives, drop sets, partials, giant sets, etc. I wouldn’t say I have “heavy” or strength-focused workouts anymore. I didn’t find low rep work conducive to losing fat or improving my look AT ALL. The workouts also take longer and require more recovery.

And thank you very much for the kind words!

2/14/13 Chest/Delts

DB Press and Twist: 5x8 ramping from 50s up to 90s

HS Decline: 12x2pps, 10x2pps+25, 8x3pps, 6/6/6 drop w/ 3pps+25s/3pps/2pps

Smith machine Incline: 8x1pps, 2x8x1pps+25s

Stretch Pushups w/ Trap Bar: 2 to failure, just 1 min rest between

DB Lateral Raises: 30lbs–8+16, 25lbs–10+20, 20lbs–12+24, 15lbs–15+30 (first number is full ROM reps, second number is partial reps after)

Pec Dec rear delts flyes: 30/25/20/15 drop set followed by second heavier drop 10/8/6

HS Shoulder Press: 8x1pps, 2x8x1pps+25s

Cardio: 20 min incline treadmill

2/15/13: Back

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown w/ 1 sec squeeze: 3x12 ramping weight

Smith Machine Bentover Rows: 15x1pps, 15x1pps 25, 15x2pps

Wide Grip Cable Row: 3x20

Wide Grip Heavy Lat pulldown partials: 3x10 ramping weight (focus on streeeetch)
DB Shrugs w/ 3 sec Squeeze: 3x15x70s

Cardio 20 min Stairstepper

2/16/13 Arms

Giant set (1 min rest before repeating) 10 rounds, 6 reps each exercise
EZ Bar Curls to chin, 1 sec squeeze
DB Hammer Curls
DB Curls
HS Preacher Curls

Giant set (1 min rest before repeating) 10 rounds, 6 reps each exercise
Reverse Grip Straight Bar press downs
Straight bar press downs
EZ Bar Skull Crushers
Swiss Bar Narrow Grip Press

2/17/13 Off day

Cardio: 20 min brisk walking fasted

Bodyweight: down from 180.3 to 177.7



I be a proud mothafurka

2/18/13 Legs/calves

Lying Leg curls: 12, 10, 8, 6 ramping weight w/ 5 sec negatives then 30 partials out of bottom position after last set of 6

DB Stiff-leg RDLS: 15x80, 15x90, 2x15x95

HS Reverse Hack/Power Squats: 8x1pps, 8x2pps, 8x3pps, 8x3 1/2 pps, 8x4pps, 8x 4 1/2 pps, then a drop set of 10/6/6/6/6 w/ 5pps/4pps/3pps/2pps/1pps

DB Bulgarian Split Squats: 3x12x30s (lol…weak sauce after HS squats)

Seated Calf Raises: 4x15 w/ 1 sec stretch, 1 sec squeeze and on last set dropped to half the weight and did 60 fast reps

Cardio: 20 min treadmill

Hey great job guy!

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
I be a proud mothafurka[/quote]

lol, thanks alot. How are your big 3 progressing these days?

[quote]csulli wrote:
Hey great job guy![/quote]

thanks for the support!

2/19/13 Chest/delts

Cable CrossOvers, 1 sec squeeze: 4x10, then drop to half weight on last set for 20 more

HS Incline: 8x2pps, 8x2pps+25, 8x3pps, then drop 5/4/5 w/ 3pps+25/3pps/2pps

DB Flat Bench: 12x70, 15x60, 20x50

Heavy Ass Machine Partial Lateral Raises: 4x35

Single arm Rear Delt Rows: 4x15

Cardio: 20 min stairstepper

2/20/13 Back

Kayaks Rows: 4x20 (10/side) hard squeeze on these
Meadows Stretchers: 4x10 love these! supersetted with Kayak rows my lats were lighting up!

WG pullups: 2x10

NG pullups: 2x10

Chinups: 2x10

Deadstop DB Rows: 2x20x130 this was straight up massochistic, Kroc rows meet deadstop

HS Shrugs: 2x30x2pps 1 sec squeeze

Cardio: 20 min incline treadmill

I felt depleted today. It’s a great feeling, especially when I’m still at 150g carbs/day. It’s safe to say I’m handling them better now.

2/21/13 Arms

Supersets1 min rest between, except before last drop set…probably like 2 min rest

straight bar pressdowns: 4x12, then 1x10 4 drops 10 reps each
DB Curls: 4x8x25 w/ 3 sec negative, then a 40/30/20/10 drop set 10 reps each (no slow negatives though)

HS Preacher curls: 3x8, then 8+8+15 drop
Narrow Grip Swiss Bar press: 3x8, then 1x8 14 drop

Cross body Hammer curls: 3x8, then 8+6+4+2 switching back and forth between arms w/ no rest between
L extensions: 3x12, then 8+5+2 same switching back and forth

Cardio: 20 min stairmaster