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Jake Shields vs Dan Henderson


I am just wondering what you guys think about this fight?

My take is that they are trying to screw Jake shields, reason being is its the kid's last fight on his contract and the ufc is interested in signing him (dana white has said he wants him). Also he is a welterweight not a middleweight....Hendo has fought the toughest of the tough at 185 and 205. I dont think he is the same fighter he once was but he is still a BEAST and moving Shields up to fight him and 185 seems like they are trying to tarnish his reputation as a great fighter with a bright future.

This is just my take on this. Who knows maybe Jake may upset Hendo but I dont see it. Hendo has gone the distance with Rampage and some other big names......no way is Shields stopping him. Anyways lets hear other peoples thoughts.


weird....is this Hendo's first fight in Strikeforce? who's the current MW champ there?

i've only seen a few of Shield's fights, but thought he was kinda boring (although pretty well-rounded). I think this is a terrible fight for him, though. Hendo's obviously a lot bigger and stronger, although he's old, is still a badass. i'm surprised Shield's isn't defending the WW title (he's the title holder, right?) if this is his last fight....

sounds like they might be trying to screw him.




Shields is the MW champ, Hendo should win but Shields submission game could create problems for Dan. He has sub losses to Silva and the Nog brothers.


Jake shields isn't a welterweight. He's the middleweight Strikeforce champ, he beat Robbie Lawler, shitty fight IMO but w/e.

Hendo smash.


Hes there Middleweight champ but he is a welterweight. He hasn't fought nick Diaz yet. Look at the strikeforce site it shows him as 170/185.


Not a great match-up for Shields. He's a very accomplished wrestler and submission grappler, but Hendo is a former Silver Medalist and I just don't think that Shields is going to be able to take him down and keep him there long enough to submit him.

On the feet, Shields is far from impressive and Hendo will probably knock his lights out ala Bisping (maybe without the flying elbow afterwards though).


I'm betting all on Hendo, the guy is used to fighting at higher weight classes, packs one hell of a right and have better wrestling. But, there is ALWAYS the HAILMARY OVERHAND to save the day for underdogs.


I doubt Shields will be trying to throw many hailmarys if he wins it'll be by submission.


IF he takes Hendo to the ground, the same goes for Demian against Anderson


Shields is a better wrestler than Maia.


But not better than Hendo.




agreed. That Bisbing finish was EPIC. I'm definatly going to watch this fight tho. I hope the ufc sign's Shields.

On another note I hope they sign Alistair Overeem as well, I think he could help out the ufc HW devision for sure


It's not like hendo has never been taken down by lesser wrestlers.


Overeem would clean the HW division on the UFC, imho nobody can take Josh Barnett, Overeem and of course the king Fedor


LOL, the same Overeem who has already lost twice to Shogun, twice to Little Nog, and to Arona and Sergei Kharitonov? He couldn't even clean out LHW.


Not only that, but he pretty much refuses to fight in the US on account of being, ahhh, assisted. He wouldn't be the same fighter he is now if he had to pass the drug tests he'd be subjected to in the states.


It's not just being taken down though. Shields would have to take him down, gain a dominant position, and keep him there long enough to catch him in something. All of this without Hendo knocking his head into the third row in the process of trying.

And what naturally smaller, lesser wrestler has taken Hendo down?


LMAO someone thinks HW has more talented fighters than LHW.