Jailhouse Workout?

Has anyone tried the Jailhouse workout? If I can find the book used I may buy it, depending on people’s feedback.


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maybe you could send a letter to Craig Titus and ask what he did and what he plans to do once he’s in the joint, again.

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I googled Prison Workout and got some good stuff. The cons got huge and ripped from doing a shitload of Burpees as their only exercise. It also carried over to athleticism, so you could fight off guys who want to ‘be friends’.

Maybe Pavel’s advice to tighten your sphincter could come in handy.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I am not going to jail. Just wondering if anyone has reviewed the book “Jailhouse workout” I have done burpees before. I used to do crossfit type workouts. I know prison type workouts are usually body weight only exercies, but I think Jailhouse uses weights. Not sure though.

How do you know?

[quote]gmantheman wrote:
Don’t get the wrong idea. I am not going to jail. [/quote]

I mean I am not convicted of any crimes…yet.