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Jaice's Log



Trained legs today. Only started doing so consistently in the past few weeks, As a result, they are weak.

Bar x many
40kg x 10
50kg x 10
60kg x 6
70kg x 3
60kg x 5
50kg x 8
40kg x 12

Leg Press:
50kg x 12
90kg x 8
120kg x 5
90kg x 6

Leg Extensions:
40kg x 8,8,7

Leg Curls:
Unsure- couldn’t get the machine set up for a decent contraction, decided to do SLDLs instead, then remembered I’d hurt my back recently and it’s still mending. Will have to think about this one.

Rotary Calf:
3 x failure

At the moment getting my squat up to around 2x BW for 10 is a priority - might take a while, but it’ll be well worth it.

Pull today. Absolute shite. No enthusiasm. Little to no MMC. Still no deadlifting due to lingering back pain. Ended up quasiomodoing the session- lots of pull ups and seated rows: dumbells rows still seem to aggrevate my back. Threw in some standing concentration and cable curls which were also disatisfactory. Seem to have lost a lot of strength for some reason.