Jacob's Squat Log

So, quick intro. My name is Jacob, I’m 19, and I have some pretty ambitious goals. I’m a college track and field athlete, specializing in the throwing events, but I love powerlifting. My passion is the squat, so in an attempt to become the best squatter I can be, I switched to a squat centered routine influenced by John Broz’s squat everyday article. My squat jumped from 515 to 635 in right around 3 months. I’ve been on the chunky side, hovering around 255 for a couple years, and I am now trying to cut down to 10% bf or so.

My goal is to eventually squat 700 lbs raw without wraps in the 220 class. So I guess this will be an easy way for me to store videos, thoughts, and progress as I begin cutting weight (intermittent fasting). I hope to start posting every couple days, almost everything in this log will be focused around squats, but as an aspiring powerlifter I do train bench and deadlift. 385, 605 respectively. So I guess that wraps my first post up. More to come soon.

So, to recap.
Squat:635 (wrapless, beltless)
Bench: 385 (inzer 24" wrist wraps)
Deadlift: 605 (conventional, beltless)
Height: 5’10"
BF%: 27% (Yeah, that bad)

Goals for before 20:
Squat: 660 (Beltless wrapless)
Bench: 425 (Whatever)
Deadlift:660 (Beltless)
BW: >225
BF%: 10%
Height: 6’1" (Just kidding)

So first day of fasting has gone well. Will eat for the first time in 24 hours at 8 Pm, or in 20 minutes. Went to the gym and did some foam rolling, stretching, and very light arm, back, and quad work. Weighed 251.75 Lbs in compression shorts and a t shirt. Tomorrow I will (most likely) be headed about 30 miles away from where I am living right now to get a heavy bench workout with Powerlifter and Strongman Jerame Linnell (look him up). So that was just a quick update. Will most likely post again tomorrow night.

Couldn’t make it to train with Jerame, so just stuck to my usual training at my gym. My back really was feeling terrible today. Still, worked up to 500 for a double, and finished with 585 for a deep single. Trying to train getting to IPF depth, and I definitely hit it today, because I clipped the safety pins I set in case of failure. Made the rep much harder than it should have been, but glad I can get that low with this much weight.

Did no leg bench due to my back irritating me. 5x8 with 225, just trying to get enough volume to get a decent workout. Tried smith machine incline for the first time too. 3x10 at 185, very easy, and I enjoyed it, so I will be adding this to some of my bench workouts. Finished up with 5x15 bicep curls to prevent pain and soreness on my lowbar squats, and 4x10 tricep pushdowns with moderately heavy weight. Will most likely still squat tomorrow as long as my back doesn’t feel worse in the morning, but I guess we’ll see.

My back felt much better today after some foam rolling and stretching. Took the normal 1.7 miles walk to the gym. Weighed 253 in clothes after 3 burritos and a slice of pie (I’m bad at dieting). Decided to still play it safe, and only work up to a 585 squat. Still no belt, no wraps, no sleeves. Tried to mix a low bar squat with olympic high bar depth, and it was relatively success full. Wasn’t super fast, but good for a nice, deep single. Deadlift right after.

Worked up to 5 singles at 500, and 1 single at 585. My deadlift really needs to increase if I want to get over a 1700 lb total by December (Hopefully my first meet in 3 years). Walked back home, I call it cardio. Took a hot bath and at about a pound of baked chicken. All in all an easy day. Tomorrow, more squats and some bench. Hopefully working up to 600 and 355 respectively. Now, I must sleep

Vid of the 585

Interesting log. Your pretty strong!

Thank you very much Sir.

Over all truly mediocre in the gym today. Weighed 252 flat despite pigging out on burritos and polish sausages right before the workout (once again, bad at dieting). Trying to get back to training ATG squats. Speed was good up to singles at 545, but at 600 low back form broke down and failure ensued. Low back is just exhausted from deadlifting twice in the past 4 days. Went on to bench. worked up to a single at 355, and minus a grip slip that almost made me drop the bar after the pause, it was easy enough. I would go heavier, but I had no spotter.

I won’t be working out again until I get back to my college on monday. If anybody has any questions, comments, advice, anything, feel free to post here. If anybody wants to see any of the footage I’ve taken on myself, search 635 raw beltless squat, should be the first result. Username is Sonicboomman. Feel free to subscribe and comment on any video. Thank everybody for stopping by to read my log. I hope to make this into a consistently updated (at least 4 times a week) source of information on my training once I get back to school.

My training will be changing, but I’ll still be putting up big numbers, and I’ll keep letting everybody know what I’m doing. Just for fun, I’ll include a video of my first (and only) 605 deadlift (beltless). I’ll be back on Monday. Going to the Bear V. Seahawks game with my dad. He’s 51, and has been a lifelong bears fan, but has never been to a Bears game.

So I stepped up, spent the money I had saved for a power belt and SBD knee sleeves, and bought him and my mom tickets to the game, 6th row on the 50 yard line. She decided she doesn’t want to go, so I’ll be going. So if anybody is watching the game on Friday, look out on the Bears sideline. You may just see us. Anyway, ramble over. Goodnight everybody.

Great log and great numbers. I have a passion for the squat too, I’ll be checking back in with you man. Keep up the great work.

Thank you very much my fellow squatobot, I appreciate your support immensely.

So, I found a meet that I might be able to attend. But financially, it’s an impossibility at the moment. I created a gofundme account to help offset the costs of this meet. I just want to say if I do how well I have been, i will walk away from the USAPL SC State Championships with a minimum of 2 American records, as well as a shot at IPF worlds next year. Spread the link around, and donate if you feel inclined. Thanks for even bothering to read my ramblings and watch my videos. Help Me Break Records, organized by Jacob Moore

Very solid lifts especially for being 19. How long have you been training?

I see you’re from Oregon too?

Trained for the past couple years. Started as a way to get stronger for football and track, and still is in a way. But I love powerlifting. And Yup, lived in Heppner Oregon for 11 years of my life.

Sorry for the long delay. I’ve traveled across the US, and am now moved into my dorm at Charleston Southern University. Due to some issues with the track team, to many to name bit by bit, I was forced to work out in the rec center for our school. Rusted solid bars, bad music, to much air condition, old men doing wrist twists with 2.5 lb dumbells, It’s just awful. Adjusting to the stresses of college life are going ok, doing my best to get a job so I can just live in one place consistently.

Training has been…ehh. Squat is down due to bad conditions, stress, and lack of rest. Both mental and physical. Still, going below parallel with 565 with relative ease on a daily basis, and Have paused benched 360 on a narrow over-padded bench. Just doing my best to make it work. I feel like the fasting is working. I’m weighing around 252 fully fed and well hydrated, so I’m feeling good about my progress. Anyway, I’ll update again when anything comes up or if something changes. Sorry for the week long dry period. Rant over.

Working out in the crappy gym is becoming easier. Hit a nice, deep 585 today. Had all the casuals freaking out. A student employee called the head of staff in to ask if I was allowed to do such a heavy weight in there… such bullshit. The whole thing was annoying. Hit a 355 pause bench very easily. Finished that with 2x4 touch and go with 315. Very easy, but had to cut out the 3rd set due to an 80 lb girl complaining that I was taking to long on the bench. Finished with 3x15 dips, 2x10 pull ups, and some other miscellaneous back work. All in all a good workout. Getting comfortable in an even worse setting makes me feel even better about the transition. I expect to hit 605 in this gym by the end of the week. I’m squatting USAPL depth now, so it is definitely a change, but I feel pretty solid. Time for Biomechanics homework.

As if by a miracle the schools rec center purchased a texas power bar, and allowed me to deadlift. Hit 565 for a deep single, working on fixing my APT, aka, Buttwink. Starting stretching and breathing combined with deep squats, and soon to be deficit deadlifts. With the addition of the new bar, the rec center gym is now on par with the athletic weight room, minus bumper plates and music. Anyway, got lots of homework, so gotta get on that. Biomechanics quiz tomorrow.

[quote]Squatobot64 wrote:
Working out in the crappy gym is becoming easier. Hit a nice, deep 585 today. Had all the casuals freaking out. A student employee called the head of staff in to ask if I was allowed to do such a heavy weight in there… such bullshit. The whole thing was annoying. Hit a 355 pause bench very easily. Finished that with 2x4 touch and go with 315. Very easy, but had to cut out the 3rd set due to an 80 lb girl complaining that I was taking to long on the bench.[/quote]

This is so gold, i would pay to meet that employee haha
Dont care about the other freaks at your average gym. Maybe play louder music in your ears. I would give zero point zero f**k about any complain. And i only squat what you bench, which is already enough to freak some

Lol, the staff has decided to let me do whatever I want now lol. I train in silence. No pump up. I like it better like that, but the situation was just hilarious lol.

Getting back into the swing of things. Aced my biomechanics quiz, and talked to my professor about the negative effect of buttwink (Anterior Pelvic Tilt) and have decided that I’m going to really try to correct it. Stretching, mobility, and new form for all lifts, but I think it will be worth it. New squat form is really efficient. Hit 545 for 2 deeeeeep singles.

Might not seem good, but that was less than 45 minutes after track practice out in the heat and humidity of Charleston, SC. Ran a mile for conditioning, then busted out some heavy squats. Hit 355 pause bench really easy. Finished with 3x4 with 315 for touch and go. Nice and controlled, but also explosive. I think I’ll be adding more back-off volume to both bench and squat.

Texas bar is treating me like a king. So thankful for it, words can’t express. So, no coaching, back on my own, still improving. Like I said before, no more excuses. I’ll try and get some videos on here, but college life is a busy life. 8 A.M classes tomorrow. Gotta get up, and do it all again.

Class got delayed until 9:30, felt like posting something. I’m thinking about offering some free training to some of the people in our rec center. Some of the guys in there really have a good work ethic, but just don’t know what they’re doing. There was a 22 year old trying to train forearms, and he couldn’t think of a single exercise, I showed him some plate pinches, extended finger wrist curls, told him about buckets of sand/rice and crush grippers. It was like he had never taken the time to research anything. It’s kind of weird. I’d like to help change that. Anyway, time to study.