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Jackson vs White: Duel in the Desert




That is going to be epic


645 raw bench-now thats big talk


i think jackson's deadlift will outshine him as their benches aren't too different.


Does that mean neither of them will be competing in the O?


I hope so - it would be a shame if they cite their depletion for contest prep for doing so poorly on their respective power lifts/contest.


Ronnie for the win.

Seriously, White has some balls on him, and luckily for Johnnie it's going to make hime $10,000 richer. However, I did see Johnnie's 600lb bench on youtube and it was equipped. I'm assuming this contest will be raw. Should be fun to watch though.


Every interview I've ever watched of Ben White has him flapping his gums. He talks too much IMHO, I don't really care for him.

I'm giving this to Jackson, couple vids of him deadlifting.

And here is a vid of Ben White benching, impressive nonetheless...


Is Ronnie now downsizing like a lot of past champions do/did? I have not seen a recent picture of him since I stopped buying bbing magazines.


When Johnnie was on Heavy Muscle Radio he said that he actually challenged Ronnie to a lift off before (of course Ronnie declined because he had way more to lose than Johnnie). I also think Ben White runs his mouth too much and will get it handed to him Johnnie. Either way it's gonna be entertaining.


Take it for what it's worth but I once emailed Ronnie about how much he was benching a few years ago. Knowing that he does like to respond to his fans, he did e-mail me back and told me he was doing 500 for 12 reps, and this was the year of his last Mr. Olympia victory. 500 for 12 is much more than a 600 pound bench and he lifts all raw. He also has vids of himself deadlifting 800x2 and squatting 800 for a few reps all in a belt and knee wraps. Yes knee wrap aren't considered a raw lift, but he has no assistance of a squat/deadlift suit.

Johnnie max lifts, that he likes to brag about are equipped lifts, (I know this because of viewing the lifts on youtube) and that is totally great when we compare him to other equipped lifters (when he was competing as a powerlifter), but truth be told Ronnie in his prime is without a doubt stronger than Johnnie Jackson.

Now the vid of White lifting 645 and 675 is fucking darn impressive, but again he has a bench shirt on. I'd like to see these two lift raw against each other and I still definately have my money on Jackson.

Now I really don't care about raw vs. equipped, it's just hard to understand what numbers they can all hit when it's not clarified if the lift was raw or not, (and I did read where white said the 645 was raw).

Nevertheless two very strong dudes.

We should get some betting going :wink:.


Ronnie did use a squat suit in one of his videos.



-this guy might take them on


I dunno if I buy White's claim to 645 raw on bench yet only 711 shirted. My friend can bench 405 x 1-2 on any given day he goes into the gym, raw...in his shirt his first time ever shirt benching, single ply, he went 545x2 and had gas left in the tank. If white claims 711 shirted I'm guessing its a bit lower than 645 raw, but who knows that's all worthless speculation.

That video XB-c posted of Johnnie pulling 765x2 was impressive, he made it look like fuckin cake. And the Ben White benching vid posted is with a shirt.

I'm excited to see what happens either way myself.


man you got BEN WHITE benchin 505x9 reps man..I think the guy can bench 600's raw


That's my gym =)


That's not really how it works at all....but that video was impressive nonetheless. 505x9 does not mean he does 645x1 though. We'll all have to wait for the competition to find out. =)


Let's go Johnnie-O. Probably my favorite bodybuilder of all time.

Dude, pound for pound, is just an absolute fucking animal.

This should be fun.