Jackson’s Training Log

Stick to what you are doing. I would not recommend jumping into the BIG program.

I thought you’d say that. Jumping to another program is so tempting but I’ll stick with what I’m doing. Thanks Dr Darden.

I decided to take some updated measurements. Here they are.

Belly - 35
Chest - 42.75
Left arm relaxed - 15
Left arm flexed - 15.25
Right arm relaxed - 15
Right arm flexed - 15.25
Left thigh relaxed - 23
Right thigh relaxed - 23.5
Left and right calf - 14.5

Weight - 186.7

I did the weigh in at 10:30pm after I’ve been drinking a ton of water tonight from being thirsty. And I had training for work all week so eating wasn’t the best nor was my sleep. Tomorrow is workout 6 because I missed today from traveling.

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Man, the update surge challenge workouts are brutal. Only taking 30 seconds or less between methods is absolutely brutal. Especially when you mid 30-10-30 in there. Huffing and puffing is an understatement. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to keep that pace up, along with 10 seconds between exercises in the methods, but it’s tough even in an empty gym.

I’m still really enjoying the workouts and I’m seeing good physical changes. Leaning out as well!

Alright change of plans. I finished the first week of phase 2 and decided to audible. Part of it is I feel I need a change and part of it is I’m just stubborn and want to do something different.

I’m going to run a hybrid 5/3/1 Krypteia program where isn’t of doing the usual 5/3/1 sets and reps I’m going to do 4 x 8 using triple progression. I think it will work just fine. And then my assistance will be the usual with the program. I’m going to shoot for 6 weeks and see how I’m progressing. I’ll move back to the Surge challenge workouts eventually. I will miss being done in 25 minutes but I’ll still be doing MWF for three days per week.

First Krypteia session yesterday and I did the normal 5/3/1 sets and reps because I hadn’t thought about doing the triple progression. I’ll log tomorrow session with weights.

I will say my knees are quite sore today so I need to play around with my squatting form. My knees felt great during the surge challenge the workouts because I wasn’t doing any barbell squatting. Mainly leg press and goblet squats.


Today will be day 2 of my modified 5/3/1 Kyrypteia program. My knees are killing me since squatting two days ago but goblet squats have always felt good which are one of my assistance movements today. Todays workout will be.

Bench press

4 x 8 @ 165 (I have no idea on weight so I may end up raising it depending on how the first set goes)

Assistance between all sets even warm ups

-SLDL with a shrug x 10
-Goblet squat x 10
-Band pull aparts x 100

That’s it. I’ll be pushing the rest periods so it will go by fairly quick. Jim’s rules are less than 45 minutes.

I’m still eating Animal Based and my macros are around

Protein - 200
Carbs - 200
Fat - 175

Oh and I ordered more surge last night so I’m out of surge in high sucks but I’ll manage.

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I ended up using 175 pounds for the bench press. My sets were 8,7,6,6 so next week I’ll stick with the same weight until I can do 4 sets of 8. I pushed the assistance and was done in around 30 minutes. Good workout though and I’m feeling my hamstrings this morning after doing the SLDL’s.

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Post workout from modified 5/3/1 Krypteia. I did deadlifts 4 x 6 @ 215 and then assistance between all sets was alternating chins - body weight and dips with 25lbs strapped to me. My surge came today and I was pinched for time so I did one serving throughout the workout. Definitely missed Surge I can tell you that much. Good pump in the arms chest and lats.

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Alright, so I have a history of program hopping and so I’m trying to correct that. What’s helping is not sitting on this forum too much. It helps me not want to do the next latest and greatest thing. I’ve been a huge fan of Stan Efferding for a long time and have used his vertical diet for a long time.

I’ve decided to scrap the modified Krypteia idea and use his guidelines for hypertrophy work. Here is what I will be doing for the foreseeable future.

Day 1

Bench press or dips - 5x5 @ 85% 1-2 RIR
Chins or rows - 5x5 @ 85% 1-3 RIR

3 sets of standing calves to failure(or close to it)

1 bicep exercise superset with 1 tricep exercise if I’m feeling up to it

Day 2

Bench press or dips - 5x10 @ 50-70% 1-2 RIR
Chins or rows - 5x10@ 50-70% 1-2 RIR

3 sets of standing calves to failure(or close to it)

1 bicep exercise superset with 1 tricep exercise if I’m feeling up to it

Day 3 (not sure if I’ll do 2 days a week or 3 yet)

Bench press or dips - 5x8 @ 75%% 1-2 RIR
Chins or rows - 5x8 @ 75% 1-3 RIR

3 sets of standing calves to failure(or close to it)

1 bicep exercise superset with 1 tricep exercise if I’m feeling up to it

I’ll workout on a MWF schedule or MTH schedule. Pushing the lifts hard and getting close to failure. I’m working out in my garage so limited equipment but I can do about everything I need to. Slowly working carbs up as I don’t want to add anymore fat (if I can help it). Calories are at 2700 with a split of protein 150, carbs 357, fat 75. I’ll work up calories every week and look for a slow gradual weight gain.

Yesterday workout was

Bench - 5x5 @ 175 (180 next time)
DB row - 70’s (as high as I have right now) 5 x 7

Standing calves - 135 for 20, 175 for 12 and 12

1 set of bicep curls 30lbs to failure (12 reps)
1 set of overhead DB extension 50lbs to failure (10 reps)

Back to the basics and pushing barbell lifts, chins, and dips.

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Quick update. I’ve decided to do two days a week, Monday and Thursday, with my current schedule and responsibilities. I’m coaching my 5 year old sons soccer team and it’s a blast! And I’m going to cut calories for a bit and try to lose a few pounds of fat before I try to gain muscle. 2200 calories for a couple weeks. Macros will be protein 165, carbohydrates 221, fat 73.

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Yep, I’m doing the same. I don’t know about you, but I felt like an over-filled water balloon by the end of the Surge Challenge.

Are you going to go back to the Surge workouts at some point?

I’m not sure yet. I’m a little all over the place at the moment. I may go back but I really don’t want to buy a ton of Surge and use as much as what was recommended during the program. I’m a dad with 3 kids all 5 and under so spending a bunch of money on Surge isn’t entirely appealing at this moment. So I do enjoy the workouts and love that they are quick but I’d rather do one serving of Surge a workout to stretch it. All that to say I don’t know haha.

I never had a problem with the liquid consumption. But I could see that being a problem especially if you have a decent amount of food still in your stomach.

I also will say I don’t want to train without Surge. But if I have to, I’ll employ Stan Efferding’s workout drink which is drank post workout. It consists of orange juice, dextrose and salt. You can add caffeine if you want but I don’t.

I’ve been drinking two servings on workout days and none on off days. It seems to work well enough. I felt significantly worse drinking just one serving.

When I get back to the Surge program, which is probably the most demanding program I’ve ever done, I’ll use the recommended dosing protocol. You’re right, though, it does get a bit pricey.

You noticed significant changes from two doses down to one? I may try doing two doses instead of one and preloading it like we did during the challenge. And then not doing the dose at night.

It seems that way to me, but I’ll admit it may be all in my head.

Did you see they changed the system again? Looks like they went away from 30 seconds or less of rest between methods and went back to 1-2 minutes. I may go back and do it again and just use the protocol of two doses per workout which would be 6 doses a week and then a bag would last almost 4 weeks. And then I wouldn’t do the day off dose either and focus on getting good nutrient dense foods in for the day.

And I think when I go through it again I’m going to focus much better on feeling the muscle contract and un contract. Slow down the rep cadence

That sounds like a solid plan. You may even be able to dose less Surge on non-squat workout days. Squat days, though, I can’t imagine less than two servings.

I didn’t see the updated recommendations. Honestly, I can’t imagine just a few seconds of rest between sets and never tried it. I lift at home and sometimes even the earlier recommended minute wasn’t enough.

I tried the recommended rep cadence on the original stimulate sets and thought the workouts were the hardest I’d ever done. 30-10-30 seemed like a break.

I did several workouts in my garage gym and keeping that fast pace was super tough. If you look in the articles on T-Nation it was released today. The system is now called M3.

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I’ve been away for awhile because I’ve been “experimenting” on myself. For years I did 5/3/1 for four days a week. I got pretty strong, 275 bench, 335 deadlift, and 385 box squat, but my body never felt great. Joints ached. Then I went to three days a week for a long time. I’ve never thought I really looked like I lifted weights which has always bothered me.

I came across Jay Vincent and really liked his material. I liked the slower cadence and really feeling the muscle work. For years all id done is focus on moving weight and being explosive but never truly felt I worked my muscles as hard as I could, hence the beat up joints.

I messed around with high intensity training awhile back but used a cadence of either 2/2 or 3/3 and again felt like I was moving weight instead of stressing the muscle.

The last month or more I’ve went back to HIT training two days a week. 8-10 exercises for one set to momentary muscle failure. After I reach that I contract and try to move the weight for a few more seconds and be done with the exercise. I’ve been using the cadence of 5/5 mostly and a little 7/7 and 10/10 (from the book Body by Science) and recording TUT or TUL

I have never felt or looked better. I’ve been keeping my calories on the lower end and right now weigh anywhere between 178-181 depending on the day.

This week I’m testing two days a week with 5 exercises and session where I’m only hitting each body part once a week (two technically).

Yesterday I did the following workout with a 5/5 cadence, smooth contractions and smooth turnarounds.

Barbell squat
Chin up
Oh press - seated
DB bicep curl
Forearm BB curl

Total time of 12 minutes.

At 34 years old with a 5, 3, and 1 year old I don’t want to be in the gym more than 2 days a week for more than 20 minutes. I don’t care how much weight I can lift especially at the expense of my body feeling like crap. My goal in life is to be healthy and fit enough that I can play with my grandkids some day. I can run, jump, and wristlet with them just as I do with my own kids now.

I will keep experimenting with two days a week or 1 day a week and the amount of exercises I do until I find a good place for awhile.

For me, this works and I’m enjoying it. I’ll never be “bodybuilder” big and frankly don’t want to be. My goal is to be athletic looking and lean(ish).

Next workout will be Thursday afternoon and looking forward to it! Next workout will be

BB row
Bench or dip
Tricep extension
Calf raise