Jackson’s Training Log

Good chest soreness today on Saturday. Weighed in at 189. Weight steadily increasing!

Weight 187.1

Weight 188. Workout it 7 today I’ll post it later Also moving to 3,700 calories today.

Workout 7 was awesome today and really dialed in. Probably the best pump I’ve had yet. It could be due to me having my first lunch before working out. The first two weeks I had breakfast and then did the workout before my first lunch. Maybe the extra carbs helped! Anyway, body is feeling really good and I love these workouts. Intense but brief and awesome pumps.

Workout 7


Narrow grip BB curl - 65 did 10 reps
Chin up - BW
Wife grip BB curl - 65 barely got 8

DB Zottman curl - 10lbs
DB Hammer curl - 10lbs
DB curl - 10lbs I’m going up to 15’s next time

Banded curl


Press down - 80lbs did 14 reps
Close grip push up - BW no dip bars here
Press down - 90lbs too heavy

Overhead DB tricep extension - 30
Overhead DB tricep extension - 25

Overhead DB tricep extension - 25


BB row - 145
Pullover - 40
Supinated last pulldown - 145

Pullover - 35

Pullover - 30


Seated BB wrist curl - 55
Reverse seated BB wrist curl - bar
Standing reverse BB curl - bar

Seated BB wrist curl - 55

Seated BB wrist curl - bar

Finished in about 23 minutes


Please describe the intensity of your workouts.

Which sets are the toughest?

Are you dialing in the weights?

Workouts are very intense. There were times today where my forearms were cramping up and I was trying to keep my arms moving to keep them from being too painful at times. I flexed my right tricep after the stimulate phase and almost cramped. I’m pushing hard but not too failure. Some of the stimulate sets and flutter sets have felt very close to failure though. My shirts are feeling nice and tight lately.

Toughest sets for me are the pump sets for thighs and legs and the stimulate sets for triceps are brutal. But, by far the stimulate phase for biceps has been hardest. For some reason I couldn’t even complete it, all 10 reps for all 3 sets, the first couple times I did it until I dropped down to 10lb dumbbells. Next time I’m moving back to 15’s.

Weights are feeling dialed in. I’ve never had the kinds of pumps I’m having. I’m really enjoying the workouts and I’m up I think about 7 pounds from the first morning I did the first workout.

I will also say that if I selected a weight that’s a bit too heavy I will use a little body English to get the reps in.

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Weight 189.2 this morning. My muscles feel quite full with good soreness in my triceps and lats. I alsmot forgot to have my third serving of Surge last night so I chugged it about 30 minutes before bed.

Doing this challenge really makes me want to do something like Darden’s BIG routine when this challenge is over. I will take a week of after the challenge because I’ll be on vacation.ore than likely I’ll take some bands and get some band work In just feeling muscles contract and getting some pumps. Then decide what I’ll do when I’m back at work for my next routine.

Loving the challenge!

Weighed in at 189 this am. I slept really bad last night and had a huge gut ache last night. Coming from someone who suffered fork acid reflux for over 10 years this happens form time to time but not often.

I still completed workout 8 today with less energy than I wanted. I also screwed up the workout a but by doing shoulders then legs then chest then calves last so I had about a 2-3 minutes break before calves to get stuff set up. Still good pumps and I really feel my chest working. I lowered the weights again due to chest being later in the workout and can say I felt my chest much more during the flutter phase which I had not been able to go very long before. I hit 20 seconds today and my chest was feeling great.

Here’s the workout.


Overhead hang - 40 seconds
DB lateral - 25’s
DB upright row - 25’s

BB press - 60 - go to 65 next time
DB lateral - 10’s felt much better
Farmers walk - 80DB’s
Shrug - 70’s

DB lateral - 15’s


Seated calf raise - 1 plate and a 25
Calf raise - 185
Bent over calf raise - BW

Banded leg curl toes pointed
Calf raise - 185

Calf raise - 155 go up to 185 and see how that feels


Wide leg press - 2 plates and 25
Narrow leg press - same weight
Medium leg press - same weight

DB squat goblet - 45

Goblet squat - 45


BB bench - 175 barely completed
DB fly - 25’s
Push-up - BW couldn’t do all 10 had to take a second or two break at about two 5 and 8

BB bench - 85 felt really good

BB bench - 65 and finally did 20 seconds and felt great!

Workout time took 27 minutes

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Weight is 187.4 this morning. I hit over 3700 calories yesterday. 4 workouts to go. I have to do a slight modification. I leave for vacation Thursday of next week so instead of taking Saturday and Sunday off I will do workout 9 today, 10 on Sunday, 11 on Tuesday and 12 on Thursday morning to finish up the 4 weeks. I’ll post my workout today after I do it.

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Workout 9 today and it was a good one. Great pump in all parts for the blocks and weights were mostly on point. I’m excited to say I finished the stimulate phase for biceps at 15lb DB’s which is up from 10’s. I felt my muscles working really good today.

Workout 9


BB row - 155 for 12 up to 165 next time
Pullover - 45 move to 50 next time
Supinated lay pulldown - 145

Pullover - 35 move to 40 next time

Pullover - 35


Press down - 90
Close grip push-up - BE
Press down - 80 then 70. Stay at 70 next time

Overhead DB extension - 35
Overhead DB extension - 30

Overhead DB extension - 30


Narrow grip BB curl - 70 move to 75 next time
Chin - BW - couple cheated reps
Wide grip curl - 65 too heavy go to 55 next time

DB Zottman curl
DB hammer curl
DB curl - 15’s and completed everything with a few cheated reps or body English on the DB curl set

Banded curl


BB bench - 155
DB fly - 25 move to 30 next time
Pushup - BW took about 20 seconds rest my arms were smoked

Bench - 85

Bench 65

Time of 24.30 minutes. Workout felt great. My arms were so pumped I had to take a little extra rest before the push-ups in the chest block. My chest has never felt better and I’ve always had trouble feeling it worn. I’ve always been shoulder and tricep dominate when pressing. Loving the chest block!

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With only 3 workouts left, the first and lady will be in my home gym and the middle workout will be at the gym at my work. I will post before and after photos for the first and third workout. I also plan on taking measurements either the day after my last workout or the morning of because we leave for vacation that day. I’ll post the after measurements and after photos as well.


Excellent notes and progress. We’re looking forward to the photos/measurements update.

Weight yesterday was 189.9 and today 187.9. Workout 10 is today and I’ll post the workout and pics later

Pre workout photos and a couple measurements.

Left upper arm relaxed - 15”
Left thigh relaxed - 23.75”

Well with 3 kids to watch and do the workout I finished in 31 minutes. It’s hot here about 80 degrees in my garage so I am gassed and sweating bullets.

After measurements

Left upper arm relaxed - 15”
Left thigh relaxed - 24.5”

And photos after workout.

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You definitely look bigger. Are you leaner as well?

I’m not sure yet. I feel a little leaner in the midsection but I haven’t taken any measurements of my waist. Shirts are feeling tighter. My photos didn’t capture my shoulder pump I don’t think because it was the best shoulder pump I’ve had yet.

Weight 189.7 this morning. Definitely some shoulder soreness today and a little in my legs.

Just measured right at my belly button and down from 36.25 to 34.5!


Losing 1.25" off your waist in four weeks while increasing calories is outstanding!