Jackson’s DC Training Log

Weight is at 177 and I think my weight gain rate is good right now. Eating around 3,000 calories a day and my macros vary based on the days I workout or not.

Workout A3

DB Bench - 55 x 10/4/2

Seated OH press - 65 x 12/6/3

Tricep cable push down with rope - 35lbs x 10/5/2.5 (decided to do this exercise because I just felt like it)

DB pullover - 40 x 8 (down from 10 but felt like I gave it my all)

1 arm DB row - 40lbs x 14 R and 12 L

Workouts are still good. I’m eyeing some other workouts right now between 5/3/1 RP challenge, CT’s best damn workouts 1 and 2 which I have. Those would be a challenge with doing it in a garage gym but I think I can manage. Also eyeing 5/3/1 Krypteia.

I did have one of the best delt pumps of my life today. I started taking creatine and will continue for the foreseeable future.

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Weight this morning was 176.7

Finished up two weeks of DC training today. Weight 176 this morning. Still eating approximately 3,000 calories.


Incline DB curls - 25 x 13/4.5/3 - focused on a 1 second stretch at the bottom which made it a lot harder

BB wrist curl - 50lbs x 12

DB RDl - 35 x 11 and 65 x 6 - stretch felt really good this time and felt more productive than usual

Back squat - 185 x 5 then 135 x 12

Either sticking with DC training or going to do the Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters Part 1 and 2. I’ll decide by Monday. One reason I may switch is because I have training next week that runs 8-5 so it will be tough to get my normal 45 minute DC workout in 3 times a week.

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Weight 179

Weight 178
Calories at 3,100

Todays workout will be the following and I’ll put numbers in later today.

Front squat - 135 x 7
Incline BB Bench Press - 115 x 8
1DB Overhead Tricep Extension - 40 x 9
Low Incline DB Front Raise - 15 x 6
Standing Calves - 175 x 10

Workout felt really good. Tomorrow is a lower pull day and looking forward to the shorter higher frequency workouts. I plan to take progress pictures after this week.

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Weight 179.5. Todays workout will be the following

RDL toes on 10lbs plates - 135 x 10
Supinated lat pulldown - 105 x 8
BB curl - 65 x 7
Shoulder width upright row - 55 x 8
Reverse curl - 55 x 7

Weight 179.5. Todays workout was a 10 second isometric hold on the first rep

Back squat - 105 x 9
DB shoulder press - 35 x 15
Dip - 10lbs x 10
DB Fly - 30’s x 10 (no pec deck or cable fly so I did a squeeze press at full contraction for the 10 second isometric
DB front raise - 15 x 10

Sounds like Thib’s programming.

It was shocking how much long holds took out of me.

Absolutely does. I had to lower my weights more than I thought I would.

Weight 180.5. Todays workout. 10 second isometric hold for the first two.

Banded leg curl - x 13
Neutral grip seated row - 70lbs x 10
DB hammer curl - 30’s x 15
DB shrug - 60’s x 11
Spider curl - 25’s x 11

I made my low pulley yesterday so I didn’t quite have the length figured out but the movement still felt good. The issue will be when the weight increases trying not to let me bench slide forward. I’ll have to think up a solution for that.

Weight 179.5. Today’s workout with a smooth 2/2 cadence.

Zuercher DB squat - 70 x 14
BB bench press - 155 x 6
Tricep Pushdown - 40 x 10
DB lateral raise - 20’s x 7
DB fly - 35’s x 8

I have to make some modifications since today has some machine exercises and I don’t have machines in my garage gym. I’m also substituting DB flys again for the cable fly or peck dec. I also substituted the goblet squat and regular BB bench press.

I probably will sub out the Zuercher DB squat for something else. I don’t have anything above 70lbs for DB’s and my lower back didn’t care for it either.

Weight 178.5. Bumping calories up to 3,200 today. I took an average of my weight for the last week and it was right at 178.5. Todays workout with a 2/2 cadence.

Rope pull through - 50 x 13
Straight Arm Pulldown - 50 x 8
Rope face pull - 50 x 12
Cable curl - 40 x 12
Rope hammer curl - 40 x 11

Workout was a little weird. I’m using a homemade low pulley and the eccentric is not as smooth as I’d like it to be. The rope pull throughs felt weird but I haven’t done them in years. Still the movement felt good in the hamstrings glutes and lower back. I’ll have to figure out how to make the eccentric smoother. I already used some WD 40 which seemed to help a little bit. But the biggest issue is the pulley runs from the middle of the top of the rack down to one of the sides and then out.

Good first week. Really enjoying the workouts and ready to see what I can do in 6 weeks and then I’ll do the second plan for another 6 weeks.

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Weight 180.1. Off day to day.

Weight 182.3. Still eating 3,200 calories although I didn’t track yesterday but I did make some carnivore meals for the Super Bowl. I’ll add the workout later.

Todays workout. New week which is harder. I won’t detail that out since it’s a paid program but I at least hit the same reps or did more.

Front squat - 135 x 7
Incline BB Bench - 115 x 9
1DB Tricep Extension - 40 x 9
Low incline DB front raise - 15 x 8
Standing calf raise - 175 x 15 (did mostly regular reps without a longer eccentric due to balance issues)

Weight 180.5. Today’s workout will be.

RDL - 135 x 8
Supinated lat pulldown- 105 x 9
BB curl - 65 x 8
Upright row - 55 x 7
Reverse BB curl - 55 x 7

Weigh 180.3.

Back squat - 155 x 9
DB shoulder press - 35 x 15
Dip - 10lbs x 10
DB fly - 30’s x 11
Front raise - 15lbs x 10

This is probably the hardest workout I’ve had in awhile. The 15 second isometric hold at the first rep was brutal on the back squat. My legs were shaking the last couple of seconds. Great workout and great pump. Body weight is steadily increasing. Still eating 3200 calories right now. My current macros are around 210 protein, 160 fat and 230 carbs.

Weight yesterday was 180.2 I’ll post the workout later.

Banded leg curl x 13
Neutral grip seated row - 70 x 13
DB hammer curl - 30’s x 15
DB shrug - 60 x 14
Spider curl - 25’s x 13

Weight today was 179.8 workout to come.

Somersault squat 70’s x 20 and 15
BB bench - 155 x 6
Rope tricep push down - 40 x 10
DB lateral 20’s x 7 - felt heavy
DB fly - 35 x 10

Weight 181.1

Rope pull through 50 x ? Lost track need to replace because the eccentric is not smooth and it takes a lot to get the weight moving again

Straight arm pulldown - 50 x 9
Rope face pull - 50 x 13
Cable curl - 40 x 12
Rope hammer curl - 40 x 11

Weight this morning was 184.1. Haven’t eaten the best this weekend but that’s mostly due to eating a few desserts I don’t normally eat.