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Jackson Resolution


You have got to be kidding me.....

By SUZANNE GAMBOA, Associated Press Writer Suzanne Gamboa, Associated Press Writer â?? Wed Jul 8, 3:20 am ET
WASHINGTON â?? Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee may have trouble keeping the promise she made at Michael Jackson's public memorial for a House resolution that "forever" honors the late pop star.

Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat, took the stage Tuesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and hoisted a framed copy of the resolution, embossed with a gold seal. The measure will be debated on the House floor, she said.


This is what they are spending time on in Washington?


What a colossal waste.

Oh, and Jackson was never acquitted at least not of a lot of the charges. He paid off the families out of court in the civil suits, and the plaintiffs refused to testify in criminal trials. Money made it go away, guilty or not was never decided.

He did admit several times to sharing his bed with children. If he wasnâ??t a child molester, he was at best stupid for putting himself in that situation over and over.

I refuse to take part in the worship of a man who there are that serious of moral questions outstanding.


He died, so what. People die everyday, people who have done alot more for the world than that sicko.





^What I was eluding to. Bastard news channels!


I've gone into all the detail I care to in the thread about his death.

I was not a fan, but did hold a sympathetic view of him as a man for very subjective reasons I can't quite put my finger on. I do remain unconvinced that he was actually molesting children sexually which is not to say that his conduct with them was not still wrong. I was mildly saddened by his death largely because I saw him as a tragically immature and miserable human being who died in that state.

All that said, the media coverage and irrational idolatrous over magnification of him in the wake of his passing is bordering on the neurotic. We do after all have much more consequential issues to wrestle with than the death or life for that matter of ANY celebrity entertainer.


Hell is freezing over...I'm agreeing with this cottonball.


My point exactly, a molester at worse, a dumbass of epic proportions at the least. I really don't give a shit about his life, his accomplishments, or his poor him childhood.


Well said.