Jackpaulbrookes' Training

M - 100 muscle ups, 250 pushups, 250 dragon flags, 100 dips, 100 pull ups
Strength Calesthenics - Weighted dips (add 80kg to belt), pullups (add 50kg to belt), chin ups ( add 60kg to belt), ring muscle ups ( add 20kg vest)
Technique - 360 muscle ups, handstand pushups, L sit holds, one arm pull ups, ninja tuck jump onto box, pistols, clap behind back pullups
T - Deadlift(double O-hand working from 70-90%, current 1RPM is 280kg) Squat Pauses 7 sets of 1-3 reps stacking, OHP Top part from pins seated, Power Cleans 100kg for 10, barbell shrugs 200kg x 10 for 10 sets
Technique - Snatches, Clean and Jerk, one arm snatches
W - Row 5000m, run 1 mile ( sub 6 min ) Swim 40 lengths, 4 different strokes, change stroke every length
T - Tire Flips, sledge hammer work, bar rolls, yolk carry, farmers walk
F - Sprints - 15 seconds on 30 seconds rest for 12 minutes
S - BJJ - 2 hours
S - Rest

This is what i do atm just love to train, love to lift, I love body weight and core strength, sprints, fighting, everything, i progress very slowly but over time they all do

6ft 1
10% BDF

10% BDF

Deadlift C:280kg G: 300kg
Squat C:220kg G:240kg
Snatch C:120kg G:160kg
Bench C:145kg G:160kg
1 mile run C:5:51 G: 5:30
100m sprint C:10:98 G:10.8
Consecutive Muscle ups C:14 G:20
Consecutive Pullups C:28 G:40
Consecutive Dips C:38 G:50
Consecutive pushups C:104 G:120
Tire Flip C:600lb G:750lb

to be able to do:
360 muscle up
one arm muscle up
one arm lever pull up
handstand clap
3 clap pushup