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Jackolee’s Next Cycle Log


Thank you. I was considering the liquid, but opted for 3mg pills instead. I take armour thyroid too, wondering if I should take those on opposite sides of the day. Guess I’ll Google it. Thanks again and good luck with the competition!


It’s 6mg for 1.25ml


Thank you. When do you normally take it?


Sorry bout that… first thing in the morning with my other supplements


Perfect, sorry to bother and appreciate the response.


Hi @jackolee, If I may hyjack your thread for one question. I have been trying to learn and practice posing and I am cramping up big time. On a front double bicep my biceps lock up big time. On a side chest pose my tits lock up. Even with a simple crab pose, my traps cramp. I take 200mg of mag morning and night, 15 mg zinc morning but I just can’t stop the cramps. Do you have any advice?


Not sure if anyone answered this but you can run the anavar weeks 12-18. As it clears out quite a lot faster than your last pin test. That should give your liver and extra 2 week break.


No problem man! Posing is just like any other skill. The more you practice it the better you’ll get at it and the easier and more natural it will feel. Also if your cramping a lot you likely need to up your water intake. I drink at bare minimum 1 gallon per day. Right now for contest prep I’m doing 2.5-3. I can’t emphasize this enough. Get your water in.


Figured it was easier to change the thread name rather than start a new one. Ok… so here’s where I landed with the blast.

Starting weight
165.0 at around 8% bodyfat 3/20/19

Week 1-16
Test E @ 750mg
Week 1-14
EQ @ 500 mg
Week 1-4
Dbol @ 50mg (25 morning - 25 evening)
Week 10-16
Anavar 75mg (25 morning, midday, and evening)
Week 1-16
Sermorelin acetate @ 500mcg 5 days on 2 days off
Nolva @ 25mg ED
Anastrozole @ 0.5mg EOD

NAC 600mg daily
TUDCA 500 mg daily
Fish oil
Digestive enzymes

My HCT was at 51 right before I started so I have a double red donation scheduled for Friday. I’ll probably do it two more times while on cycle. Hopefully that will keep any BP problems at bay.

Just being back in a fed state has made workouts tremendously better. I’m sure the added AAS will only intensify that. Having never taken DBol I’m watching out for gyno as I’ve had some small lumps in the past from TRT. I imagine the 25mg nolva everyday should keep it at bay though, and if it becomes a problem I can simply stop the Dbol since it has such a short half life.

I’ve read that the EQ will help with appetite. I did my first shot yesterday and man was I hungry all day. Since I’ve in deficit for so long prepping for my show my thought was to gradually increase calories to get my digestive system used to it. Well that didn’t happen. Yesterday was around 4500 calories. I’m shooting for around 3000-3500 today. I’ll keep an eye on my weight and adjust from there. It’s aggressive but I want to be around 195 by the end of the year. This would put me at a stage weight next year at around 175. I think I’ll be much more competitive at that weight.

Today’s chest and triceps so I’m lookong forward to hitting it hard after lunch. Here’s a photo of where I am currently. It’s also my avatar photo.

Think that’s it for now.


Cannot wait to see how this goes.


Damn, you look much larger than 165, how tall are you?


Congratulations of all the hard work and excellent showing. Now that you are going full supra physiological, you may want to look into beefing up your defensive/safety strategy as I mentioned above. Not a lot of human data of course but there is mechanistic justification/theoretical benefit in these ancillaries. FYI:

Taurine ~3 g of bulk powder in water, protective to multiple organs, liver, gonads, heart

Losartan 25-50 mg ED for cardio-protective effects even to non AAS users. Seems like a no brainer as protective measure if going full cycle



Lipoic acid, 600-1200 mg/day

In addition I’d be interested in hearing others experience using oxandrolone troches instead of oral delivery to bypass first-pass metabolism and reduce liver toxicity and lower minimum effective dose. Since oxandrolone has excellent oral bioavailability (97-98%) and is actually metabolized partially by kidneys (haven’t found the studies to support this assertion), I have a hard time believing that sublingual/buccal adminstration is going to do much to limit liver damage. I’ve pulled 10-15 studies and most seem to show similar pharmacokinetics for oral and sublingual administration for drugs that are metabolized similarly (ie CYP 3A4). One way to find out.

Oxandrolone via Troche to Bypass First Pass Metabolism. Effective?

Excellent report Jackolee. Can’t wait to see how this goes. Best of luck to you. Great selfie by the way.


I’m 5’9”. I don’t carry much weight in my legs and that’s one of my biggest goals with this blast is to address that. Gonna force those suckers to grow lol


Thanks man! Hopefully I can put on some solid mass. I’m going to bulk through the end of the year and then see where I land


Thanks brother. I’ll definately consider adding taurine. Need to read up on the other stuff.


I’m pretty excited as well. Gonna really attack the workouts and hopefully break through some barriers.


Pretty good use of $8:

or go full costco mode!

Definitely read up on losartan. Blockade of renin-angiotensin system while on high AAS dosage seems very prudent to me. I remember listening to podcast of very well known TRT guy and he had on a bright Greek doctor who was trying to explain the protective concept. Somehow the host thought the Greek dude was talking about statins instead of ARBs. Was a really funny segment.

Good luck man. Impressive but keep that cardio up.


Will do. Was planning on 3-4 30 minute sessions per week.


Are there weight classes or just age classes in physique?