Jackolee’s Next Cycle Log

A little background…
39 years old
161 lbs - 6% BF
Have Physique Competition in 8 days and am in the process of planning out a blast aimed at putting on quality mass.

Past AAS experience.
TRT for 1.5 years. 250mg test e split into 2 shots. 0.5 anastrozole 12 hrs after each shot. This keeps me in the 800 range on total test and high end of normal for free test. I don’t remember the number. E typically is between 20 and 30 on this protocal.

Blast 1
360 test e x 12 weeks
Zero sides experienced. Gained quite a bit of strength, but was not focused on gaining weight.

Blast 2
600 test x 16 weeks
300 deca x 10 weeks - I had planned for 12 but didn’t like how deca made me feel so I cut it short by two weeks. My heart beat was uncomfortably fast and had shortness of breath. Blood Pressure went up a little but not too bad. When I cut the deca out I felt great on test only. I had zero ED issues.

Here is the blast that I’m considering. Any feedback would be appreciated. After my contest I will continue to train but relax on the diet for a month or so and then enter a mass building phase for the remainder of the year. I would like to jumpstart it with the following:

Week 1 - 16 Test E 750mg
Week 1 - 12 (Possibly 14) EQ 400 - 500
Week 1 - 4 Dbol 50mg daily
Week 10 - 16 Anavar 50-75mg daily
Week 1 - 16 Sermorelin Acetate 500 mcg daily
Anastrozole .5 mg EOD
Nolva on hand

My thinking would be for the Dbol to jumpstart everything and then throw the var in for the last 6 weeks to help harden things up.

Planning on eating 1000 calories over maintenance so roughly 4000 calories daily at 275 p 500c

CBD oil
Digestive Enzymes

I’m thinking of running this from July 1 - Roughly the end of October. I could start it earlier but kind of want to enjoy the competition ready physique Ive dieted so hard for during the summer months.

I’m open to all feedback, so rip it apart if you think its a crap cycle. I wont get offended.

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Given how unbelievably great you look and your insane dedication to your diet and training I feel like everyone should be coming to you for cycle advice.

So if nandrolone is out (and it sounds like you didn’t react well to it), then what you have laid out looks terrific. The EQ should help give you serious appetite so you can eat at that surplus, and the anavar should be a nice finisher. I don’t know about the dbol. That dose is considered standar nowadays, but I’d be concerned about the huge spike in e2 from that plus the big test dose all at once. Maybe ramp up the dbol slower in order to gauge your reaction to it? But otherwise that’s a classic mass building cycle right there.


Thank you. I’m trying to make sure I do everything right. I’ve got a firm grasp on my diet, but really want to maximize this gaining period.

I’m planning on switching my splits to one muscle group per day and just destroying it. I think I could have trained harder last time I bulked. Gotta give the muscle no other option other than grow! I’ll probably hit legs twice per week as they are going to be my main emphasis. Feeling a little unbalanced.

That’s a good idea to ramp up the dbol… so you think maybe 25mg first 5-7 days and see how I react? Then if no problems head on up to 50? I have plenty of anastrozole if I need to up that dose as well. I did fine on the 600/300 test deca with .5 EOD.

I’ve also read that EQ can have a tendency to reduce estrogen levels. Do you know about this?

@jackolee take test at 500 and eq up to 800

Take 5iu humalog pre workout. Growth 5 iu post workout. Drop everything else. You’ll never go back to anything else. Ever.

Questions - email me.

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Emailed you bud… appreciate it

Post got stagnant so I thought I’d try to bump it up to the top of the feed. Anyone else have opinions.

My main comcerns are E2 problems with the test and deca. I’ve had minor Fumo in the past on TRT but manages well with anastrozole. Never have had any water retention issues. I know dbol will make you hold water.

Also is four weeks of dbol followed by 6 weeks off of orals and then six weeks of anavar too hard on my liver?

I’m planning on taking tudca and nac for liver support as well.

I’ve ordered everything but could always adjust doses or eliminate stuff and use it on a future cycle.

Cycle looks solid to me. EQ is a personal favorite of mine. Dbol is also a great compound but causes bp issues for some. I have no anavar experience I’m sure whatever cycle you decide to do you’ll have fantastic results. Hard work and dedication you seem to have down pat.

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Anavar didn’t move my liver values more than a few points, and that was 50mg/d for over three months. I’d say you’d be fine, but if you start feeling some of the telltale signs of liver issues then make the call based on that.

What specifically would you look out for? This will be my first go round with orals… seems like things like jaundice and water in the ankles and feet wouldn’t appear until later.

Also I just had labs done and my results should be ready by Thursday or so. Want to make sure everything’s good before I start

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Lethargy and loss of appetite seem to be common symptoms of guys who are experiencing liver stress. More subtle signs would be cognitive problems, like an unexplained lack of concentration.

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From what ive readxthe EQ should help with appetite. So That should be an easy one to gauge. Thanks man!

Here are the labs I just had done. Everything looks pretty good I think. Anyone see anything I should be concerned about?

One liver enzyme is 1 point out of range but online says 55 is the top of normal not 45. Who knows. I’m not too concerned


@jackolee, How long has your E2 been that low? Any joint paint or ED issues? Not good long term to let is sit that low even if the sides mentioned don’t manifest.

It’s normally around 25. I have it crashed on purpose for the show this weekend. Drying out as much as possible. Gonna let things rebound in the weeks to come. Surprisingly enough no joint pain or sides at all.

Sorry should have mentioned that when I posted them

Your HCT is already setting at 51% you going to donate before this next blast?
Also your liver looks a little unhappy. Maybe do something to help it out?

HCT has been between 49 and 51% from day 1 of TRT. I’ll look into donating blood but everything I’ve read says this is a really short term fix. Might be just right for the blast.

As far a liver goes… are you referring to the ALT? My other lab work and my research on the net say that normal range is actually to about 55 with high being much more common in men.

I’m taking NAC currently and have TUDCA on the way. Any other suggestions on that?

I quit orals completely. I just don’t like them, they mess up my blood work pretty bad especially my liver. I only run injectables now. The worst was oxys, that shit is nasty. Insulin and injectables is the best combo for mass gains quickly. You just need to make sure you got some quick actor sugar source close by. One time I near passed out shaking like a leaf because I gimped on the carbs. You could use Prop for a kickstart or just rely on your TRT dose doing its thing until the others kick in.

Naringin, 500mg/d took 2.9% off my HCT in four months. Dropping my test dose to 120 from 200 moved it down another ?%. I get blood work next week to see how much it moved from a new lower dose. But in the meantime naringin has been a useful tool. Buy the bulk powder on Amazon and cap your own pills, it’s stupid cheap and it works.

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