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Jackie Warner Denigrates Jamie Eason

Although I do not watch the show, I was informed by my girlfriend that both Jackie Warner, the owner of SkyLab sports and her office manager, made disparaging comments concerning Jamie Eason’s breasts (She is a breast cancer survivor!!) as well as other denigrating comments that were edited out of episode 4 of this season.

Jamie’s boyfriend was on hand in the gym and actually heard the two jackasses make the comments and immediately stepped into the office and demanded an apology, which the office manager quickly offered up, but Jackie refused to do, although he has stated that she did in fact make additional disparaging comments that were edited out of the show.

This occurred while Jamie was training at SkyLab with a male trainer who Jackie later fired, when he protested about the disrespect they had shown his client. My girl just relayed this information to me (What can I say…I have a poster of Jamie Eason in my garage…hehe), so I’ve perused the web a bit looking for further tidbits. Some of the story can be found here:


Comments to the office manager’s blog referenced above were disabled after she was inundated with hate mail. But she states that Jackie did make additional comments that were edited out of the episode, as was the confrontation with Jamie’s boyfriend. Here is the contact info and address for Jackie’s business… Drop them a line…let them know how you feel =)!

Sky Sport Spa & SkyLab
8500 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Tele: 310.652.7721
Fax: 310.652.2616


Hours of Operation:
6:00am - 9:00pm, Monday thru Saturday (Sunday Closed)

I saw the episode. It was pretty fishy when Jackie explained what happened but it never showed anything. Shame on her. I still like the show but I definitely have a diff. opinion of her now!!


The thing is both of their comments (from the way it sounded when I watched last night) were just the regular comments that people make when they see a woman w/ fake breast. Did they know she had breast cancer? No they did not. I knew b/c I read Oxygen magazine. I, from what I am finding out, I am one of the few trainers that reads “industry” magazines. Again the show edited out the comments made so I don’t know what was said. But I seriously doubt they were making negative comments in relation to Jamie’s plight w/ breast cancer.

Should they feel like a dumba$$ yep. I have made simular comments about fake breast. While watching that show last night I it hit me that I should stop. You never know the whole story behind decisions people make.

BTW…Jamie is one of my favorite fitness models out there. I wish she would compete.