Jackie Chan vs. Jet Li

My friend and I are having an argument and I want you guys to sound off, who do you think would win in a fight?



Aren’t they making a movie together in the near future? I guess if they’re not friends we will see how it ends up? But in a real cage match… probably Li.

Jackie! He’s a bit bigger also

If he was in his prime then Jackie, but I think he’s around 50 now…

Jackie. From stuff I’ve heard, whether real or not, I pick Jackie.

God only knows, but don’t pick Jet over Jackie because Jackie seems to be a lot less serious in his movies.

Bruce Lee, Arnold or Chuck Norris.

Arnold’s monstrous faces alone are a force to be reckoned with…

On the Li vs. Chan, I believe they(including people like Li) call Jackie Master Chan… so I can only assume that means something… Could be wrong though… Li is way fast.

If the room is filled with ladders and chairs and stuff, then definitely Jackie.

[quote]malonetd wrote:
If the room is filled with ladders and chairs and stuff, then definitely Jackie.[/quote]

LOL !!

Probably Jackie. Jet Li is in great shape and does modern Wu Shu very well, but modern Wu Shu is not meant for fighting. It’s meant as show only.

Jackie, on the other hand, has actual experience in traditional chinese martial arts and in his youth was somewhat of a trouble maker. He also had to deal with thugs on account of gambling problems and with the triads because he broke a contract with a film producer. I believe we can safely assume he was in a fight or two in that time.

So, Jet may win on account of his better conditioning, and if a fight was scheduled he would probably learn some real MMA influenced fighting pretty quickly. But experience and background speak for Jackie, even though he is 53 now.

In conclusion, I believe I put way to much thought into this post and should consider getting a life. Thanks for listening.

Jackie Chan did some amazing stunts. Jet Li does pretty Wu Shu dancing. I pick Chan.

bruce lee … :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
Bruce Lee, Arnold or Chuck Norris.[/quote]

Well, as we all know Bruce Lee is the greatest bodybuilder ever, and Arnold has all that unfunctional muscle and… ah, screw it Chuck Norris.

Jesus would, then he would forgive their sins and make them fishers.

Jackie. He is a tough mofo. He does his own stunts and some of the outakes are hysterical especially when he gets smacks himself into a wall. Then you realize in 1/2 of the outakes he has a cast or a bandage on.

Chuck Norris.