Jacked Up Thumbs...Seriously

This might sound stupid but I wanted to put the question out there.

Anyone having problems with thumb injuries?

In a nutshell: I have been doing BJJ for about 8 years, last year I tore the ligaments in one of my fingers, that took about 8 months to heal, 2 months later, did the same but not as bad to my thumb. It has been 6 months and slowly improving but 2 weeks ago did the same thing to my other thumb…

I have never had these issues before, I have also been doing some KB work (nothing super intense) and some basic lifts like DLs, Bench, weighted pull ups.

Lately I have really noticed my thumbs get hurt much easier. Anyone else ever have a problem from KB or DLs with their thumbs and any advice you can spare??



When are you planning your weight training in comparison to your BJJ training? If you are doing a lot of grip intensive exercises right before your BJJ training, the gripping musculature may be fatigued and resulting in extra stress being placed on the ligaments.

This is no reason to bail on those lifts though - just to find a better timing to do those lifts. Also, it may just be an overall weak grip causing the problem, so some added grip exercises may be beneficial to perform after your BJJ training sessions.

Cheers for that, have been doing strength work but it’s strange that all of a sudden my hands are pretty much giving up on me. Very frustrating especially for BJJ