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Jacked Up Lumberjack Squat


Wuz Up fellow T-memberz,

I have been incorporating LUMBERJACK SQUATS into my training sessions.  I utilize them because I injured my Lower Back in the past, and this exercise has a Great!!   Deloading effect on the spine.

My lower back has gotten stronger and I am now loading up a decent amount of weight. This is a great sign of progress, but it has caused a�?�

PROBLEM: My Grip gives out before my Thighs do

-I�??ve tried wearing gloves. This kind of helps because my hands get so DAMN SWETTY!! But it does not fully solve the problem

-I�??ve thought about using a V-Grip: This would incorporate the Upper Back into assisting my hands in supporting the load.

***I�??ve noticed the BB digs into my chest and bruises it. Not worried about this though, because it�??s a good way to include HARD BODY training!!

***This is a great BANG-4-UR-BUCK exercise!!

?? Any suggestions on how to support the load ??

I�??ve included a Pic to help illustrate the exercise and help people visualize some ideas:


Are you supporting the bar in the crook between your thumb and forefinger, resting it on your palms, or a little bit of both?

It looks like you are doing about the only thing that can be done without creating some sort of padded harness.


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Chalk. and more chalk.


Side question...what sort of weight do you guys use compared to a regular squat? I've only tried this exercise once and found that just getting it into position was much harder than the actual squat itself.


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Is it any easier on the lower back than front squats?


Yah it's easier on your lower back than front squats. I utilize both though