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Jacked Up Finger, Any Lifting Tips?


made some serious gans bulkin up & was bout to start cutiin. yhen jacked up my finger and hope to maintain whatever i have gained so far somehow. any tips?


Can you be more specific than "Jacked my finger up"? Which finger is it? Is it broken? Torn ligament or tendon? Hang nail? Effecting grip strength? Doctor limiting you?


middle finger. end of it messed up TUCKING IN MY SHIRT!! called mallet finger or baseball finger...very end of finger just hangs down. Going to hand specialist, but so far nothing broken. Def. tendon/ligament issue.


If it truly is mallet finger, splint the DIP joint into extension so the finger is straight. If there is no fracture, you should be able to buddy tape the finger for support while it remains splinted into extension and lift fairly normally. Until you get a fracture ruled out, I would avoid too much activity with that finger. Single arm work with the uninjured arm will be great for the time being.


cool thanks man! how can you lift with it splinted though? unless it's just taped to another finger minus the splint.


The splint should look like this: http://www.healthmegamall.com/ProdImages/TRU-MalletFingerSplint_lg.jpg

It shouldn't impede motion at the PIP joint too much, but should still be buddy taped to another finger. But you should still make sure to rule out a fracture first.


i did the same thing kinda to my pinky, but when wrestling....I'm focusing on my deadlift and my grip is obviously limited for those as well as for pullups or any pulls basically...any sort of advice for that? straps? or will they not really do anything if i still got a bum finger